Do vais kids play guitar hero?

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Very cool that Vai's kids play Guitar Hero. Wonder if they play along to his Halo Theme Rendition... 8)

I play it and I enjoy making Vai type faces and being goofy while doing so because I can't quite pull it off yet when I'm playing real guitar. If you work at it you can get really good and I mostly play it because of nerve damage in my hands so I'm waiting for that to get better so I can move on to real guitar 100% of my time :)
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jam-man wrote:Someone mentioned music skills skipping a generation...that's folks can't even make a whistle make a sound...and I'm like...amazing :P :lol:

But I really don't like guitar might be fun, but it might be too much fun!

Children used to play football or basketball on school playgrounds...these days they play FIFA or PES, or NBA Live...

And someone put a link to a Southpark episode...I fear of that episode becoming might happen if you think about it...
Haha, last night my friends played against me. I dont have guitar hero so I was horrible and they told me to get lost and play real guitar haha
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lol GH is just a game :P

I own guitar hero 3 and it's just so much fun to battle eachother.
You just have a great time with your friends.:)

btw i also play normal guitar.
When i started playing GH2 i was worried my real guitar playing/skills would go backward :lol: but no...

It's just much fun :D
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