For all of you who have seen Steve on the new tour..........

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Has he played "There's A Fire in the House?" I absolutely love that song and would love to see it played live.
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He opened the Fire Garden tour shows with this song but as far as I know it hasn't been played since...

Pretty F'n solid opener though! I remember hearing it for the first time and imagining him open the show with it...

Just like I knew the first time I heard Here I Am I knew he would open the Ultra Zone tour with it. It just seemed too good of a fit to pass up.
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So far I have saw 5 shows of this tour and Steve don't have played that song in any show that I saw, also, from the concert reviews, I don't have noticed that Steve played.
Maybe in the US leg... who knows? :wink:
It's indeed a great song and for a person like me that don't have time to spend on youtube, I want to thank you for find that clip... also the one that was followed that one: ... ed&search=

:mrgreen: Seraphim :mrgreen:
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Love both ones. That man is not just a guitar player. It's like the guitar reacts to his brain not his hands.
Andrew J Dampier
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That was the era of Vai I dig the most. And you can't beat Mike Mangini....

Funny, when people talk about the Bad Horsey guitar now, they're talking about the 77BRMR, but the JEM in that video will always be the Bad Horsey in my book.
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I haven't seen him in quite awhile. I'm looking forward to see him this fall.
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