On tour with Steve in the UK

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On tour with Steve in the UK

#1 Post by zappadons » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:36 am

Just finished following Steve and the band on their UK leg of the tour.

Took in four of the shows (Manchester, Nottingham, London and Glasgow) and was captured by every moment of Steves music.

The band was on incredible form and the introduction of the two violin players was nothing short of genius.

The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly London. Apart from the fact I managed to enjoy my first EVO experience, Steves performance was breathtaking on a night where absolutely nothing went wrong. I was sitting centre of the stage in the very front row and the emotion on Steves face during Whispering a Prayer is something ill never forget.

It was a shame that the last show (Glasgow last night) was the most dissapointing show. The venue was poor in my opinion and sitting in the third row from an extremely high stage meant that some of the sound during the Now We Run and Oooo passed us by a bit. It was also obvious from Steves playing that he wasnt 100% and it seemed a struggle for him compared to the other nights. Im not surprised the aftershow was cancelled as he was clearly in no fit state. Having seen him during the EVO and how dedicated he is to his fans, I am certain he he must have been in a bad way before it was cancelled. One plus point about the Glasgow gig however was that they replaced Firewall with a song I hadnt previously heard in the other three shows, The Attitude Song. Despite these points though, it was still a brilliant night (this is Steve were talking about after all).

Special word in the end goes to Zach Weisinger. Incredibly talented guitarist who's talent seems to have been missed by some at the shows.

Cant wait for the next tour!!

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#2 Post by mphgt » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:44 am

Glad I went to London then :D took in 3 shows on the 2005 tour could only manage the one this time. Might have to take a holiday in the USA in the next few months :lol:

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