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I am usually on Jemsite and stop by as a visitor here. I wanted to post my review here as it's the place to be for his Vai-ness.

Anyways, one day of listening to the new CD and I can't put it down. I just couldn't imagine hearing Vai and an orchestra together, but Steve you did it again! IMHO, this is a great work of art you've presented to us. Well done.

My wife and I will see you in Seattle Sept 15th as I have an aftershow pass. Look forward to talking with you about the new album and show.

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I would have ordered the special edition with the t-shirt but I think the shipping costs are a complete rip-off, bearing in mind I would also have to pay taxes and handling fee at this end to get it. The shipping to the UK is $32, almost the same price as the t-shirt/CD bundle. I'll wait for the gig and sincerely hope the same version is available there.

Looking forward to it though!
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Well, I got my CD today (With the meet and greet pass.......) and I got to say, it was slightly better than I thought.

For the first disc, I'll go track-by-track:

Kill the Guy With the Ball- This song is good, but disappointing. The actual "Kill the Guy With the Ball" part lasts only 1:38. The first two minutes or so are just a warmup. Plus, the song doesn't feel the same without the crazed vocals in the beginning. But, for the 1:38 of the song, it rocks.

The God Eaters- It's OK, it's a little too short.

The Murder Prolouge- Unecessary, in my opinion. They should have just made "The Murder" ten minutes long instead of wasting a track for a short 1:18 intro.

The Murder- Better than the original. The original was a little too much of a dark jam session, and this orchestrated version really adds to it.

Gentle Ways- EDIT: The original version of this song was not performed very well, in my opinion (It may just be the sound quality), but this song has easily become my favorite. Beautiful, the song that truly flows the best.

Answers- Awesome! This is one of the major highlights. The original is a top ten Vai classic, and this orchestra version absolutely rules! (The G3 with Eric Johnson contains the best version of this song.)

I'm Becoming- This is the seventh song?!?!? This is just Steve noodling around on his guitar for two minutes. It's cool, but for the famed seventh slot it's a lot less than expected.

Salamanders in the Sun- Great; better than the weird original track. This gets rid of the Zappa feeling that was prominent in the original. As many have said, this sounds like it was first made for an orchestra.

Liberty- This song is MADE for an orchestra; this version is great. It sort of loses the "New National Anthem" feel but it's still very good.

The Attitude Song- The orchestra adds a whole new great feel to this Vai classic. This isn't as good as the originial version, but it's still great.

For the Love of God- Good finish and the best version of this song. I wasn't a big fan of the original (I know saying that is like pure evil to all of you diehards like me, but hey, everyone has their different taste), so this is truly a great improvement.

Now, for the second disc, I will just sum up:

Steve is a brilliant composer. This whole disc is amazing. This shows that he is truly the best musical genius in the world. These songs are so brilliantly performed but they are also brilliantly written.

All of the songs are good, with the exception of "Sparks." (The song is basically just a violin playing the whole time.) The highlights here are "Shadows and...........," "Frangelica Pt. 2," and "Bledsoe Bluvd." "Shadows and........" is probably the best song on both discs. If you notice, the song has a main melody, but it also goes off into some Vai classics. If you listen, throughout the song you hear:

-"Whispering a Prayer"
-"Lucky Charms" (Note: This should have been part of the first disc)
-"There's a Fire in the House"

It's truly an amazing track. :shock:

The only negatives are that the second disc, while amazing, slightly lacks without Vai's playing, and on the first disc the orchestra sometimes overpowered Vai.

Overall, it's far from Vai's best, but as originality goes this is probably number one. The orchestra is brilliant as is Vai. I paid far too much for this CD off of the Seenon preorder, but after getting the meet and greet pass and listening to this disc in the end it all was worth it.

I hope, however, the next disc by Vai is a studio album.

Overall, I would give this CD a 3 or 3 1/2 out of 4. :D


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i would love to be able to to post a glowing tribute to steve and his latest triumphant album,(as i am sure it is)
but alas when i placed my order for the Tshirt/cd bundle with SeenOn little did i realise i would not be listening to the maestro himself whilst proudly wearing my new VAI Tshirt,
that i might add they have been paid for in full.
So why have i not been sent my order in full?:(
What a dissapointment it was to tear open the package and find no discs inside.
its people like SeenOn that do a great injustice to the fans and to steve by not doing what they are paid for .
All i can say is thank god steve does what he does so brilliantly that it cancels out any negatives,
and come the eve of the 21st of july i will be there in Nottingham,UK.
to see the man himself .I can hardly wait.
Lynne,Grimsby,ne lincs,UK.
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Sheer perfection.

I guess that if someone is a true virtuoso on his instrument, writer of many deep records and now develops into a first grade orchestral composer, he can truly be called a musical giant. Genius even.

More please. :)

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Got mine from FedEx today. Where shall I start. It´s quite incredible to have a copy of the Sound Theories Volume I & II in my hands. This because after that I attended the Aching Hunger shows I always hoped that it would be put on cd one day. And see.........I'm holding it!! I mean, I had a copy of the radiobroadcast by the NPS but this is so much better!! It sounds really good and the linernotes by Steve and Co are small treasures for me. Not to forget the artwork!! Mikey has really done a great job! It just looks amazing! This took alot of work and time to have it finally out there for the public. I'm very proud to add this cd to my Steve Vai collection!! Thanks so much for all the effort and work to let us the fans enjoy this wonderful piece of work.

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I like the Shadows & sparks part the best. I have listned to some of the music of Igor Stravinsky and Maurice Ravel. Who are their followers? One answer to this question is, apparently, Steve Vai. In a way, Shadows & sparks is more interesting than 'classical' music or other 'modern' music. Vai does not seem to be writing in accordance with any pre-set formula (as did Ravel on his amazing String quartet, for instance). To my ears, Vai's orhestra music is fresh, unpredictable, funny, amazing and 'up-lifting'. (The 'break down' section of Sparks is the musical equivalent to the taste sensation you get at a fancy restaurant when you take a bite of ALL the good stuff and add a zip of red wine.) I hope that his Royal Vai-ness will find ways to finance many projects such as this one in the future. But what are the chances? For instance, I was surprised to learn that Sound theories cost LESS than the average SINGLE CD-album in Sweden. I encourage all the guitar fans of Mr Vai to dig into Vai's orchestra stuff.
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lynne wrote: So why have i not been sent my order in full?
there was a 'problem' with the CD artwork which resulted in a delay in dispatch, my T shirt was sent first and I received the CD today. The SeenOn people sent me an email on the 29th June updating me. Fingers crossed your CD arrives in the next few days.

Luckily I got a 'meet and greet' pass so well made up.

As for the CD's, blow away springs to mind, looking forward to the gig at Nottingham.

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I had some time to get The Murder Prologue under my fingers...

It makes me cry when those solemn horns comes in and the melody sings Lotus Feet notes...

It makes me feel so high that words cannot describe it.
Thank you Steve.

Raffaele (Resha)
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Awesome album, a bit hard to listen to all in one but when you take an hour away from it and listen to select tracks again its amazing!!!
Would love to be able to experience something like this live myself!

Also, are we allowed to take cameras into the shows on this tour?
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Hey Mr.Vai! Great album! It's just arrived from USA today in my home in Italy!
I'll be in Milano next friday and listen...i found a special ticket valid for one admission to the meet & greet experience..but i don't know how to use it! Could you explain e please?!?!?!?!??

Thank you!!!
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ClarkyNZ wrote:After listening to disc 2, I can imagine that if God had a moustache, Sicillian parents and a strong dislike of censorship then he would be shining his benevolent love upon the pate of his blessed son right now....

god DOES have a moustache & Sicilian parents and yes HE is shining love upon his son now. Exactly what I was thinking when I listened to Disc II!!

Willie the Pimp
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I've never written a review............frankly I never feel as if I'm qualified to critique something (good or bad) that I know I could never do........... :), so I'm not going to start now. HOWEVER, I absolutely have to express my feeling of complete fulfillment when I heard the first few notes of this CD. The very beginning where Steve was directing the orchestra to layer those crazy little sounds was quite interesting, but just when it was starting to sound a bit ridiculous, "Kill The Guy With The Ball" kicked in and I was completely and totally overwhelmed at how frickin cool that was!!!

The rest of the CD is truly impressive and brilliant, but I gotta say that one moment was a true stand-out moment for me. It put a huge smile on my face!! :D
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OMG, Steve really included this stuff on the album :-D It's at the end of Salamanders in the Sun! (from about 4:38 till the end) Fantastic :-D

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 1:17 pm ... highlight=

cbr1000f wrote:
Claus P wrote:The concert Friday (not taped) was in my opinion more relaxed which we for example saw/heard when Steve copied on the guitar sounds/cheers from the audience.
:D That was typical Steve again. Between the songs, during the applause, I started making 'turkey'-sounds (my juvenile side I guess) and my two friends immediately started making 'peacock'-sounds. Suddenly, some other guy did a kind of 'parrot'-impression and Steve heard that one and he copied it spontaneously. That was a great interaction. A short funny intermission between the great pieces which demanded full concentration. I thought about repeating my 'turkey'-sound to 'challenge' Steve but at the same moment Steve went into full concentration again and started the brilliant and very emotional Lotus Feet. :)
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still no sign ov sound theories discs,knowing my luk al get a meet n greet pass inside but the discs will arrive after weve been to gig in notts
:roll: ha.lynne
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