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Yes, it is. This is the Sound Theories review thread, not the WTWA dvd :)

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Jeroen wrote:Yes, it is. This is the Sound Theories review thread, not the WTWA dvd :)


well shoot you are correct.

I stand by my opinion that this is probably the best live Vai release, everything sounds simply amazing.
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I got the CD a few months ago, shocked and delighted to find it on the shelf in a little store on the Goldcoast, while I was there with my family!! You NEVER find Vai CDs down here in Oz!! As soon as I listened to it, I knew that ther was more to Steve than I thought.

The music is full of playful little notes and sequences, which made me smile, and the entire score for every song was clearly well thought out. Some of it was a little overdone, but that just reminds me that it is, in fact, a Steve Vai CD, so thats okay! :D .
It is uniquely put together, with some truly beautiful moments (I'm Becoming is a great example), and it's not like one big boring blur of instruments and guitar, it was actually very entertaining all the way through (or perhaps I'm just tolerant). My only issue is that some persussion solos dragged for a little too long, and The Murder and The God Eaters were a bit boring.
I liked Salamanders in the Sun, I'm Becoming, and Answers the most. Bledsoe Bluvd is also nice, very impressive. I liked the small arrangements of other Vai songs in "Shadows and..."
Once again, Steve has proved to us how much of a musician he is, able to shred a guitar to pieces seemingly easily, and yet also have a unique and deep approach to composition and music. :)
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I`ve purchased the CD on 2007.
For me the CD is nearly to perfection status, cause i believe no body is perfect...anyway...the warm feel of the orchestra can be easily heard...great work microphoning the ones!

I think Steve Vai was very respectful on mixing his genre with the classical "fusion" genre
The best of both worlds on that theater!

For the world & us fans of Steve Vai`s music, Both cd`s are a 100% professional work showing that a guitar fan professional artist ...and whatever... CAN compose orchestral score on a natural spirit MODUS OPERANDI...

thumbs up for this!
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I love this CD (and DVD)!!! Puts a new slant on the old Vai songs, making some just different and others simply better. Most of the tracks sound like they were origionally written FOR the orchestra and guitar, rather than tracks with added orchestra (Salamanders in the Sun and Gentle Ways in Particular). The orchestra adds a whole new dimension to the songs, and makes them sound great!

There are some true gems here too, such as the murder, which has such an evil, amazing and creepy sound to it!! (and an awesome solo!!!), Salamanders in the Sun (absolutely lovely, with a great spontaneous solo (he never planned to do it) solo from vai!!) (Salamanders is one of those ones that is basically supposed to have an orchestra :D), and Gentle Ways.

Gentle Ways is one the calmest, nicest, loveliest songs i've ever heard :D. It is lovely!!! One of my fav's!!

For the Love of God is epic!! More so than the origional (genuinly better!! If that is possible).

The whole CD is just great music :D


I LOVE this CD so so so much. The orchestral compositions are some of the best i've ever heard, and sound sooooo good!! "Shadows and..." has loads of little bits of old Vai songs, and then a repeating section throughout slowly layering up sections from other songs on top of it! Sparks is a truly amazing Violin Cadenza thing, well, mostly. This one too is amazing, and kinda part of Shadows and... (Shadows and Sparks).

Frangelica Part 1 This is great too :D , short, but sweet :D .

Frangelica Part 2 One of my all time favourite pieces of music! Features great jazzy solos, lovely melodies and stuff, and a Contrabassoon solo at the dreamy end (lovely!!!)

Helios and Vesta This took a little while to get into, but is really good! It's a very odd, dreamy tune, just very different ^^ But really good!

Bledsoe Bluvd. I didn't like this the FIRST time i heard it, then upon second and third (etc) listenings it grew on me more and more, and i began to see into its massive complexity, odd melodies and just plain awesomeness :D. My favourite from the entire Two disks!!!!

All my opinion though, if you don't like it don't listen to it :D .

It is quite complex stuff :D (right up my street!!)
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I was just gifted with the Visual Sound Theories DVD, and after watching the entire concert my respect for Steve has gone higher than ever. The main portions of the concert were incredible, but Frangelica pt 1 & 2 evoked Copland, Gershwin, Dvorak and so many other "classical" artists and their themes.

Steve, I don't have the words to express how humbled I am by your work and Visual Sound Theories solidifies your ability as a composer, not just a guitar virtuoso.
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Would love for vai to do a purely orchestral/guitar album with all new songs.
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