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i recently saw the film ' underworld ' and i think it was really good. there was a character called " craven " in the film and it looked like steve vai SOOOOO much!!! he should of signed up for that role! if anyone seen that film tell what u think???
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I saw this film too and i thought he looked exactly like vai as well.
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YES I SO KNOW!!!!!!!!! i went to see it with my girlfriend and when i first saw craven i said "hey dont that look like Steve Vai" i went on and on about it and started whispering the words of 'love blood' in here ear. shes a grunger come converted Steve fan (thanks to me). Im SOOOOOOOO glad it wernt just me who got excited about it!
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Really? I didn't think he looked much like Vai at all. Hmmmm.....
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If i remember rightly one of the people in that film was a John Petrucci look-a-like. Or it was a film similar to that one. I will get so freaked if I see Satch on the silver screen in the near future...I've already heard him in a film before.....I reckon they're all doing it
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