How many times have you seen Steve Vai live?

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A fan since '85/ '86 but saw him for the first time in 1996, long story ;) .

1996 G3/ Fire Garden Tour, Holland
2000 Ultra Zone Tour, Holland
2001 The Ultra World Tour at the Jimi Hendrix Tribute Festival, Holland
2004 The Aching Hunger - Phase I, Holland
2005 The Aching Hunger - Phase II, Holland
2005 The Real Illusions Tour, Holland
2006 ZPZ, Holland
2007 LGS weekend - 2 Masterclasses and signing, UK
2007 The Sound Theories Tour at The Arrow Rock Festival, Holland
2007 The Sound Theories Tour in Amsterdam, Holland
2007 The Sound Theories Tour in New York, USA

@ cnc74: wow Christin!! 37!! My hero ;)
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