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:( Steve Argentina is waiting for you ... i hope you remember all good things that happened every time you came and how much we feel you ... good luck with the projects !! we really hope you bring your magic down here soon ...
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What is the EVO experiance then?

I just read about it in his letter and it sounded like it was fun the way he was so infusiastic about it.
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Mr Clark
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you made my day with this announcement steve :D :D :D :D
Jul 14 - Udine, Italy
see you at the EVO experience here, i can't wait 8)
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klangmaster TM
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Steve, polish audience is waiting for You! We really miss You here - and You great shows. Change TBN dates on Poland.

More, You can see that Jul 26 could be the perfect for show in Poland - it's exactly between Ireland and Russia. :)
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Niiiiice! I'm really glad you're going to do this tour before focusing your energy on RI:R2.

I hope the tour makes a stop close by here in middle america but I definitely plan to head out west. With any luck this tour will afford a chance to reunite with some of you vai.commers!

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Oh yeah what a way to go Mr.Steve Vai. You can count on me for sure in your lisbon show. I'm looking foward to meet you, hopefully at the EVO experience.

You cannot imagine how thrilled i am :D.

Keep doing beautiful music!!!I love your work.

I can't wait for july 10th.

Cheers Steve.
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Claus P
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Great news, Steve. It's really nice to see that you'll add new 'strings' to your music (the violin and so on).
And then I'll join my friends in Scandinavia - please consider going to Scandinavia (Denmark hopefully) again. Summertime is great in this part of Northern Europe. We are many who's looking forward to see the empty dates filled out (or even further dates added, perhaps).
Best wishes, Claus
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Great !!! :o :o :o I'm looking forward so much to hear your new band and experience Steve ! A violin, player, what a great idea, that's exactly what I was expecting, to explode rock music frontier as you've always did in your music, now it will be incarnated on stage. I love when you explore other musical territories as you did with Sharon Ishbin for example.
May I suggest one name for your violin player : Didier Lockwood. I think you already know him... :wink:

Anyway, we at SteveVai.fr are strongly looking forward to see you in Paris june 29th, everyone on the messageboard is very excited and enthusiastic about that event. :D
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God bless you, Steve. You've made my year.
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Oh my gosh!!! Steve, you have just made a LOT of people soooooo very very happy, THANKYOU!!!

:shock: :D
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Here is a suggestion for the new band :D

Antonio Pontarelli and Michael Couts.......

Extremely talented.....young......hard working and easy to get along with.
Both live in Temecula, right down the road from you.
Michael has worked with Phil Collen from Def Leppard just recently and Antonio just finished working with System of a Down.



What a combo Steve!!! It could work and it would help launch the career of two up and coming talents. :D
I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think they were up to it.

Either way, will be at your West Coast US show, can't wait!!!! Thank you for indulging us all, YOU ROCK!
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Thanks Steve for your sweet post!

Ah... :( I don't think I can go to any European tour shows because of my work (so hard in July!!! :x ) but hoping the US tour dates will be good for me... :wink:
Actually hoping you'll come to Japan and Asia with the new band, too...

I hope every fan who goes to the shows (and EVO experience) for Europe can enjoy them! :)

Well, Steve, see you soon at London Guitar Show in this April!
Take care. :)
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aww, only over the more western side of europe :(

though I guess I could arrange a roadtrip to Udine, Italy
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Gandalph915 wrote:Again no Czech Republic ? Well, I can't say I expected It to be there. Two more dates will be announced but they are between Spain - Italy and Ireland - Russia :)
Yeah, Czech rep. would be nice, but what are ya gonna do...looks like drive to a German gig for me again, anyway, I'm SO excited about all of this, I can't wait, and there's so much more I hope to see in the future, The Sound Current dvd, Real Illusions Dvd, ZPZ dvd, Real illusions II and I keep hoping for the ALS-type album somewhere in between...but I know Steve needs his rest too...or does he?:) I don't think he ever rests, always working on something for us eager unsatisfiable fans :lol:
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