G3 2006/7 !

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I want Eklundh! That's what I'm talking about, man.

Marty Friedman would be great or also Paul would be a lot of fun.
The Wolf
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resha wrote:
The Wolf wrote:
resha wrote:
Stef Burns (which is a FN artist too, hey check out His last release with Peppino D'Agostino :wink: )

Resha :P
yah! that album is SO good! I'd love to see him playing some of his sweet melodies
:wink: I go to His gigs everytime I can!

And being Stef the first guitar of an italian famous rock singer called Vasco Rossi (I think since 1996 at least), He has a quite big fanbase here in Italy :P

In the last 2/3 years I've seen 4/5 gigs (2 with the amazing Peppino D'agostino) plus the "millions" with Vasco Rossi!

I gotta say He is a very down to earth person -exactly as Steve is- and everytime He plays in small venues (clubs with 200-300 seats) He does a little improvised meet and greet where everyone can ask Him questions, take pics, get an autograph...

I can see why He's a FN artist (along with Peppino naturally); not only for His musical ability/tastes but also for the kinda person He is.

Ultra cool :!: 8)

Resha :D
I saw them both when they came through LA with Adrian Legg, that was a great show, yah, very down to earth... they're both really funny too
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Paublo Gilberto and Tony MacAlpine. I think that would be pretty cool. Or what about Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
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C'mon, what the hell is tony macalpine up to latley, umm, well i think tmaC SHOULD TAKE THE STAGE, AND UMM, LETS THINK WHO ELSE, greg howe would be cool, or , well im guessing marty friedman would proabbly be in there. I dont know, but tony macalpine should be in there seeing how he would take anybody in the G3.Or wait, matttias eklundh or dave wiener, theyd be awesome too, fuck yeah.
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i wish Paul Gilbert would be on it but on his site it says he is busy writing and recording an album. maybe he'll be done by the time the tour rolls around. when is it?

my fantasy g3 or dream3 if you will would be this

Paul Gilbert
Jason Becker(again, dream3)GET WELL SOON!
Steve Vai

special guest-Randy Rhoads

now that would be awesome
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joe satriani
eric johnson/or paul gilbert
al dimeola

awsome jam line up
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it would be cool,if a girl could be in the jam.....??!! :D

I'm a girl ,too and we play better than you all together..out of Vai :P

Yasi. :wink:
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fyrie wrote:Bucket head would rule, but I can't see him keeping his ID hidden on that tour from the other guys.
Everybody knows his real name is Brian Carrol. Theres another thread about this somewhere around here if you can find it.
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andy timmons :lol:
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Orianthi :guitar

or maybe even keneally
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Bring in Steve Morse please!!! We already saw G3 with Johnson, Malmsteen and Petrucci. Hey, even with Fripp! :shock: Enough is enough. :lol:
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i don't like steve morse or yngwie very much. i mean, their technique is impressing, but de songwriting realy looses the quality just that they can go on with shredding down everyone...

brian may would be cool, but he doesn't have own instrumental songs, i guess...

eric sardinas, as i mentioned befor.

and what about les paul, i saw an short clip in television in wich he was playing, that would be really cool!

and for all who still believe that jimi hendrix will come back... who knows? :D
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paul gilbert would rock, evh also, but i would LOVE to se michael romeo. hes cool. also Vinnie moore, yeah that would rock

Joe Satriani,
Paul Gilbert
Vinnie Moore


or andy timmons, vinnie moore, and joe... damn they should have a G 10 or something.

but yeah bummer without steve...
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I think Satriani and one of those artists would have to go on the next G3 (only in the case of GOD=Steve Vai doesn't appear in it):

Eddie Van Halen
Steve Lukather
Frank Gambale (how melodic is he??? :D)
Terry Syrek (a pure monster)
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McNick wrote:
fyrie wrote:Bucket head would rule, but I can't see him keeping his ID hidden on that tour from the other guys.
Everybody knows his real name is Brian Carrol. Theres another thread about this somewhere around here if you can find it.
I know. I thought this was old news?
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