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Personally, i think concentrating on Real Illusions II would be a better idea... The more you concentrate on it the quicker it gets done right :D

sorry if i'm the only one that thinks this.... =s

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Hi Steve, Im a great fan from Brazil.

I think that you should focus in instrumental record like alien love secrets, for me the best music that you have composed was Tender Surrender. Every one will like another album like this.

Im trying to play this music like you, but its is preaty hard... :) One day I will do !!!

See you,
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First off, a quick thanks for the excellent show in Salt Lake City..!!! It was fun to see you and Billy playing together again. I caught a Roth show back in the day. Please come back and play for us in the future... :) As far as new music goes... I like all of your music, but... I favor the guitar focused stuff... ( I play guitar, that's probably why ) In the end you are the artist and your artistic talent is why we love you... Anything will rock my world..!! -Dan
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I would love another installment of RI, and a new ALS-type album would be great as well. All can say is that I hope RI2 has something as beautiful as Building The Church...
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Man, I havent read all posts, but... Im guessing 90 percent of who we listen to Vai's records are musicans mostly guitar players or at least guitar lovers, so what could be better than turning in the guitar in a silver plate, and making a guitar record to "steal things from to play" hehe. Well if someone can.
Not, really it's a great idea, It's cool the Alan Holdsworth progresive songs but sometimes you're just on the mood of some fucking heavy metal.

Morover, I want to learn how to play that two finger-two string tapping man!...


ps has anyone listened to the new Ian Gillan's record with Satriani, Morse, Iommi ? It blowed my fucking head off !
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The "Alien Love Secrets: Return of the Guitar" thing. I'll buy two.
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I say go for the steroid 'Alien Love Secrets', then go for RI:2! Having seen you play a couple times now (I guess that makes me a Vai rookie fan), I will be happy with whatever creative compilations you put together for us to listen to again and again.
I did see Real Illusions last year as an EVO experience so I know that part Deaux would be fantastic. But I can be patient........so? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?

Chris from the Seattle, WA area

Thanks for letting your fans speak up on this, too!!!
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alien love secrets' is one of my favorit albums.. i like the simple intrumentation, not so many layers as the other records. Guitar,base and drums and thats it :D

i wont be sending youy hate mail if you do that "alien love beams 2"

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well since my other thread was locked, i'm posting here to echo my support for another ALS type album. i agree with a previous poster who wrote about using a real drummer.

original post:


just got your newsletter with your question; I take it you're trying to gauge if there's a demand for a simple instrumental album. i've never written on this forum but i feel utterly compelled to weigh in on this topic for the small difference it will make: YES, YES do it, I'll buy 60 copies of it.

Layered guitars, crazy orchestration, over the top production and deep lyrics that characterize some of your albums are great.. but i believe there is certainly a place for the stripped down raw simplicity of ALS. this is the album that instantly got me hooked when i was a kid. i'd heard passion and firegarden before and thought they were good, but this album hit me like a tonne of bricks. in my opinion your style and expression really shines through undisguised on that album, it was something i could easily understand.

I want to hear one or two guitars, varied guitar tones, raw natural drum sounds, kind of a 'live' type feel. I want to hear undisguised abstract expression. i want to hear instinct, inspiration favored over cerebral, nitty gritty, details if that makes any sense. glyn johns told satriani in the red album 'i want to hear your soul'. no better words to describe it.

so it's quite likely folks like me are in the minority and make up a smaller portion of your fan base.. but please do it anyways! i read somewhere you didn't even spend much time on ALS, like a month or something.. well if you could do the same, myself and at least a few others would be eternally grateful.

thanks, hope you read this.
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...I can't wait for Real Illusions part 2...your show in LA at the Wiltern last year was the best!! I can't wait for the next...

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The 'Alien Love Secrets on Steroids' idea sounds incredible.
ALS was pure 100% rock.. and oh so much fun to jam with and learn how to play.

Whatever you choose will ROCK.

My $0.02 would be to (and this has been said already) "go with the Flo".

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Cool idea steve ..sounds great to me..i will be looking foward to it[/b][/i]
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First, thank you SO much for caring enough to ask your fans what they thought. I think the ALS idea would be amazing but I’ve got to go with RI part 2. Reflections is my favorite album of all time and I can’t wait to see what you do with it next.
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I think you should do an Alien Love Secrets-esque project in the meantime. And work on RI 2 at the same time. I can't wait for the next RI.
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Real Illusions 2?..... Absolutely!

I have been a fan for years. I turned my 15 year old son on to Steve a long time ago. Real Illusions ( Freak show excess in paticular) blew him away. I have been playing around with the guitar for years, over the past 2 years my son has started playing. He moved rapidly from Metallica to Satch to Steve. All he wants to play now is Satch and Steve. Illusions has inspired him. He is a bit of a prodigy, he blows me away when we jam.
So, Steve, keep doing what you do.

I missed the show last year in Austin by 3 days ( I got shipped to Iraq, Army). So, Please, Steve if you can swing it, either G3 or on your tour, see if you could make a stop near Viginia Beach, Va.
No doubt you will see my son and I grooving on every note.

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