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Steve Himself wrote:Hey folks.
I'm sitting here preparing for the ZPZ tour and weaving my memory muscles around all the little black dots.
Also tweaking away at the Metropole stuff with a house size pair of tweezers. It will hopefully be out either at the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

My plans after that was to go right to work on Real Illusions part 2 but it will be an intensive project with some pretty dynamic and dense music. Hey, what else is new right? It may take over a year so I was thinking in the mean time I would do an instrumental record that focuses on the guitar, sort of like "Alien Love Secrets" on steroids.

What's your thoughts on this?

Would you like the next installment of Real Illusions or...???

I to would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music and inspiration! I've been a long time fan and enjoyed every minute of it!!

I like the idea of ALS on steroids a lot. But, I would say if RI 2 is already planned out in your mind and is ready to come out then Just Go For it!! If RI 2 maybe needs more time to grow and evolve then and instrumental record would perhaps help us anxious listeners wait until RI 2's conclusion.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to our input.

Take care,
General Zod
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Hello, Master.

Real Illusions: Reflections is my favorte album of all time, so I can't wait until the next part. However, as others have stated, I'll buy anything you put out. The songs on Alien Love Secrets are amazing (Juice is my favorite Vai song!), so I would really love anything else in that "dimension."

My personal preference would be RI: PART DOS, but I'll be happy any way around.

You're the best! :D Keep up the good work. :wink:
Angry Chair
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Hi Steve

Personally like many have mentioned already, any CD from you is much appreciated..! ALS is one of my favourites but I was blown away by the sound and your acoustic style on the Grammy's website. I'd love to hear more of your acoustic stuff but in the end of the day any Vai release is a banner day..!!

Take care and all the best with the ZPZ reheasing and tour :D
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Hey Steve

It was mentioned above - but the fans will wait for RI:2 if you decide to do something else beforehand. I'd love to here anything new you put out dudeo so its all good.

Many Thanks

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Hi Steve,

i hope that you are aware that a lot of people appreciate your work (music) not just because of the music itself, but because of the whole world which is behind it. So i think it would be a shame to compromise that trust we have in you. Music is all about little black dots, and its value is relative, somebody likes it, somebody dont, but if you plant a piece of your mind, sweat, tears and conscience in music you create, than its value is no more relative, it is absolute.

I think most of your audience wants to hear a piece of your mind, sweat, tears and conscience in your music, because music is not just vibration of air.

See you next time in Croatia...
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Guitar on Steroids!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang


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How about something with Billy and you doing harmony guitar and bass solos again (like Shy Boy)? That would be cool. You know what I'm sayin'? YO.
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Ok steve, if my opinion mattered i would beg u to release anything,

but my honesty will force me to say this: Do what u WANT! i'm sure if u listened to fans regarding how an album shall be composed of, there's a good chances that such gems as RI: reflections would never have been released! :D

greetings from France!

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Hi Steve
How about recording with just a basic band You, a bassist and a drummer. Sometimes that can be refreshing to listen to once in a while. Whatever you release you know we are gonna go made for it

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Hey Steve,

My personal feelings on this subject would be to maybe create a CD of some stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for a while. Maybe some old outakes? Don't get me wrong any new Vai would be great to hear but I wouldn't mind hearing some shelved worked that was never listened to by the average listener.

As you well know, your fans will buy anything you do because we are Vai-fans, the best there is.

I hope to hear something new soon and possibly maybe a dvd to follow?

Take care of yourself and look forward in seeing you again in NY.

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We all know of your dedication to your own music, and we expect the near-perfection (nothing is ever perfect) that you consistantly put out. Though most of your fans are guitar freaks, myself included, I personally am looking forward to the next installment of Real Illusions, and whatever freak-show guitar you have an excess of (ha-ha) put out after. It would be a great release, both musically and emotionally.

Of course, whatever you do, we will all dig it. Thanks for asking.
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STEVE! Sounds awesome! ALS is one of my favorites, cant say THE favorite because that is hard to say.

I will probably appretiate the next installment anyway if it were more a wait...

I really want to hear another ALS style cd from you, so please do!

Gabriel Perat
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I would love to see some stuff with a 7 strings and some other songs with different tunnings besides the standard E and drop C
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Thats great Steve!!!!!
Do it, Your fans will love it.

I'm pretty sure, We're all waiting for the Second part of the RI concept. But, You know, Its a bigger thing. It might takes some time, and i Think the best thing to do Is release a "MINI-ALBUM" in the meantime for the guitar Lovers. And then, release the NAKED VAMPS in the VAI TUNES 8)

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this is awesome

i have been waiting for the next Real Illusions since i heard the first one!

it has affected me like no album ever has. (understatement)

i don't know why some people think it is less of a "guitar" album (oh, wait--cause it's not Passion and Warfare pt 2?)

personally, i am more interested in hearing whatever kind of music you truly wish to create, whatever that may be.

thank you for making Real Illusions. it takes a lot of courage to do something so far out and revealing.

ok, me mangle geetar now :)

null (whitney)

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