Least Favorite Steve Vai Album

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Well S&R is great. Steve has formidable tone on that album. And Devin's simply a nutcase 8)
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Least Favorite : Passion and Warfare

Favorite : Ultrazone
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Nilsefix wrote:Least Favorite : Passion and Warfare

Favorite : Ultrazone

Ultra-Zone is good, but how is P and W bad? I guess those people aren't into shread.
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I go back and forth all the time. Tonight I have been listening to Flex-Able Leftovers and I again realize what separates Steve from all the others. It is that quircky scence of humour he has. I think that is what he liked about Zappa so much. (Does Humour belong in music? YES!)

Nobody else would work with others and record quirkey songs like #?@! Yourself, So Happy and Little Pieces of Seaweed.

So, I would put Flex-Able Leftovers at one of my favorites.
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Wow ... I guess I can see how some might not be able to hang with Sex & Religion (one of my personal favorites, actually) but to not like Passion & Warfare? Woah, that's an almost sacrireligious thought: a Vai fan not liking that one.

Again ... woah ... :shock:

Anyhow, to address the question at hand -- and I'll add that I own everything of Steve's that is commercially available -- I would have to say that Elusive Light and Sound doesn't really click with me. Ultra Zone was ... uh ... I dunno. That was getting out there into some funky, unchartered backwaters of the music universe, dude.

Mr. Vai, you get weirder with every passing year (that's pretty much a compliment, actually) and with each new album you seem to dig deeper into some twisted little compartment within your soul. Granted, this comes from someone who was totally hooked on your music when I first heard Flex-Able! In all honesty, I miss the monstrously intense, emotional impact in your playing that I connected with years ago. For me, the last vestiges of that were found in the bitstream that was Fire Garden.

OH ... and the Peanuts Christmas tune thing you did at the end of your show in DC right before Christmas '96 ... I still well up when I remember it! Tell Phillip that Thom & Sean (the two brothers from the bar down the street from the concert that night) send their warmest regards!

Lastly ... my wife, whom you signed the Fire Garden and S&R memorabilia for evidently couldn't be rescued. :cry: She wound up bailing out on this plane of existence on Mother's Day 1998. Your music on Fire Garden as well as Sex & Religion (believe it or not) was the backdrop for some incredibly wonderful memories, my man. Especially the tune "Fire Garden Suite" and "Recue Me or Bury Me"

Holy crap ... tis about time I shut up!

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Sex and religion! definitly!
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All this SandR talk is making me pop that one in. Although the message doesn't always click with me, I love the album. It's got a lot of special memories with me, as a teenager in little Salem, Oregon.
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Well I'm gonna say it and I'm gonna catch Hell for it ----------- :twisted:

anything that Steve sings on I don't really like. I know , I know, he is a

good singer, just not my cup of tea. I like my vocals much heavyer. :evil:

His songs with vocals are good songs, just kind of gooey and sappy.

Know what I mean? :?
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Well the ultimate steve vai album, thats the easyist question in the world for me... PASSION & WARFARE!

i'll tell u a story of how i got into Vai. I play Guitar (as i assume many of u guys do to) and was reading an interview with brian may in a guitar magizine i bought. now this bloke was the guy who inspired me to learn to play so i was goin to listen to what he said. In this interview he mentioned Vai and Satch (now satch is AWSOME but Vai has had more of an influence on me). i decided to go out and by one of Steve's albums just to see what it was like, i went down to the local CD store and bought P&W (it was the only one in the shop). it took it home and put it on WOW!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best thing i had ever heard, liberty totally blew me away, as did every single track on the album, i had no idea instrumental music could be so expressive.

well its safe to say that listening to that album changed my life for the better, this may sound slightly freeky but its true. I looked at life differently from then on.

changing the subject. my least favourite? I cant say i have a worst one coz there all great but bottom of my list would have to be flexable and flexable left-overs. their just to wierd although the attitude song is one of my all time fovourites and me and my girlfriend jump arond insanley and giggle along to little green men.

my list of preferances are as follows:

1 P&W
3 Fire Garden
4 Alive in an Ultra World
5 Ultra Zone
7 Archives vol 1
8 Archives vol 2
9 S&R
10 Flexable
11 Flexable left-overs

lastly, just a quick note on the hot topic S&R, i think the album is a bit naff, although there are a few saving graces, firstly rescue me and bury me is absoultly awsome and survive is great, my opinion though is still with the majority, its a bit crap, the bonus is that i dont have to listen to it if i dont want.

thanks for reading all that ramble, if u didnt, i dont blame you.


guyzif :lol:
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I've really tried to like whole THE ULTRA ZONE, but I simply cannot deal with some of the tracks (Lucky Charms is one of 'em). :?

I think it has to do with the fact that TUZ lack what FIRE GARDEN has...good songs.

And on TUZ, I get a feeling that the so called "good song-structure" is replaced by samples and shit...oops. :wink:

Also, I have a hard time dealing with the "silliness" on some of the tracks.

But I do like the vocal tracks though (apart from Asian Sky, which is way too shouty).

More albums like FIRE GARDEN, Steve!

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Ok, my least favorite is Sex and Religion. I never listen to it as it was a big downer after P&W. Hate it. The only song i like on it is number 7, imagine that, Touching Tongues i believe. But i can listen to that when i spin the 7th song, ya know. Favorite is still Firegarden, a masterpiece. But Alive in an Ultra World is creaping up slowly, its truly incredible. Right now my favorite song is Selfless Love off of Volume 3, brilliant tune. OK ,i'm out . Tones aka Whookam
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I have this feeling that to be a vai-fan you have to think p&w is the best album in the world ... I thought so in the very start , but i think its boring and pointless compared to The Ultrazone , wich is likely my favorite vai album .
Its so "souly" and "mystic" ... and Windows to the Soul is so great . Also , the silent within is the best song EVER!
i love the way Steve sings, its really cool ...

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Yup, sex and religion is the least appealing CD (IMHO) Flexible leftovers was not my fav either.

Loved Passion and warfare as well as Fire Garden with Fire garden as my favourite and most lstened to. Also loved his renditions on the first G3 recordings. Would loved to have been at that show.

The way he does "Christmas time is here" on the "7th song" CD is amazing and passionate.
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My least favorite Vai album seems to be Alien Love Secrets.
... It's so fucking short!! :evil: :lol:
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pro-fleisch wrote:irony on

passion & warfare kinda sucked

irony off
I actually know a guy that thinks P+W sucks, but he likes schlager music (german beer-hall music where everyone's drunk and cheers)

so you can imagine
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