Steve's perfume?

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Steve Himself
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It's fascinating to me that there are people interested in the way I smell, innocent enough. So please indulge me as I reveal the secrets to my odipherous reflections.

Hmmm, Well, generally I do not use cologne on a day to day basis unless I'm going to be going someplace, which I try to avoid, or if I'm doing a gig. I guess it's a manly kind of action to shave and then slap some stinging elixir on your face. I dig the exhilarating effect of it. Also, when I go on stage I like the fresh feeling you get when wafting of an uplifting fragrance.

For my face (after a shave) I create a blend of two of my favorite concoctions. One is Chanel for men and the other is a Tommy Hilfiger mist. I do enjoy the smell of women's perfume but not as much when it's on me. Then I might use a little bit of a vanilla mist from The Body Shop on my neck. Makes you smell sort of like a cupcake.

But I think the majority of the splendor comes from this special paste like substance I found about 10 years ago in a very funky underground type shop of metaphysical books and such someplace in Lake Tahoe. They only had two tiny tins of the stuff and I have not been able to find it since. I swab a dab behind my ears and, voila! instant message board posting material.

But for those of you who are transfixed by my vaporous delights, I still have enough of this stuff for the next 10 years because it is so potent.

Well, there you have it. If I could only get my guitar solos to reek so mellifluously I would be in audio fragrant heaven.

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Thanks for the lengthy reply on what you smell like, Steve. :wink: :shock:

Not sure how, and why this topic of post got onto 3 pages. But it's actually quiet interesting now, lol.

Now we can all smell like man himself 8) hmm..

Cheers :D ,
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Wow, Steve, you gave us quite an education! I've never had the guts to blend fragrances, I always feel it would turn out like a muddy mix of fragrances, you know, like when you use many different colours of paint and mix them together... sometimes you get something beautiful, but other times its just mud. I'm curious to know what that strong paste you got in Lake Tahoe smells like.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to us, Steve! :D

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Hello Steve,
I wanted to just to say you that the ventilator that you
to use on the scene, should be behind you, as that everyone could have
the answer. I kiss you all !!! Lol!!

Warm regards

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We wonder no more. Thanks Steve!!!!!

(were you not a bit freaked out though?)
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I honestly dont remember you having any smell good or bad (and I was very near to you minutes after you came off stage) I would have never guessed you wear so many different scents!

Joanne :mrgreen:
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Oh what an interesting post from Steve. :D
Thank you Steve! If you like refreshing scents when you tour, my advice to you is a cologne called "Live JAZZ" from Yves Saint Laurent(YSL), it's VERY delicious and not so strong, it has lemon and mint in it and smells very "jazzy" indeed. For vanilla scents I would advice "Le Male" from Jean Paul Gaultier or "Black" from Bvlgari. :lol:

Carlos Santana has 2 signature scents out there too, one for men and one for women, the men's bottle has the shape of his PRS guitar body. It's VERY delicious and has vanilla note in it too. It's not so easy to find though, but you can find detailed info here:

I remember when I went to Stu Hamm's work shop here, he had A LOT of cologne on him! I remember that as he walked in, the room was instantly filled up with a marvelous perfume, everyone in the first raws could smell it. :lol:

Thank you Steve(not only for the "perfume-explanation")


Hey I've found Steve's cologne from The Body Shop site! Now every Vai fan runs to buy it! :lol: ... d=cat30054

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A friend of mine and I talked that you had the smell sweet when we met you during the aftershow meet&greet(s) for G3 Japan. It might be the Body Shop's vanilla one... :wink:

Nice words for 'audio fragrant heaven.' 8)

Thanks Steve!
Ugur Dariveren
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Thank you for long answer Steve :)
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Best thread ever
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:lol: jeeesus gang! I am sure that this thread flatters Steve! :wink:

I would definitley be flattered when my listeners(my radioshow) would ask me about my scents! :)

I am just wondering how long it will take before the next thread comes up?? :?

do you preffer Charmin? or Kleenex? :shock:

Steve! Don`t answer!! :wink:

amokout! :twisted:
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One other thing that I dig so much about Steve is that he's got such a fresh writing style - he can make even not-so-vital issues sound like the coolest thing ever. I can almost smell the fragrance of his post. :) By the way, I've always enjoyed vanilla too (not only as perfume).
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Oh my god! This is kind of funny! Before the 5th October,
i used to dream away and very often wonder how Steve Vai smells.
Because here on Gotland (the island i live on), we got this Steve Vai-look alike, but with very long dreadlocks :D And he is about the same age that Steve and got the same beautiful smile!
But Steve's is much more beautiful! :D But anyway. He smells very very good! And beucase of that i started to wonder.. How does Steve Vai smell. And when i meet him (5 october) i totally forgot about how he smelled. And then he said to me : Mmm, you smell good.
And BANG i rememberd : Now i got the oppurtunity to actually smell Steve Vai! So i did, and he said : No, not me. I smell like the stage.
So i just laughed at him and said : No! You smell good to :D And he did!
Hehe alittle funny huh?
(Spellings may be wrong!)

Yeah but thanks, now i know what the perfumes name is! :D

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:lol: Thanks Steve.

Now, for those of us who will ask the same question of me when I'm famous (which shouldn't be long now), my personal blend consists of Nivea For Men anti-perspirant, Lentheric 38 Degrees cologne, and a few stray coffee grindings because I'm still getting the hang of using the esspresso machine I got for Christmas without coating the entire kitchen in a fine layer of premium blend arabica.
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that question was so funny now many people bye the parfumes to smell like steve :lol: but an other good one is must de cartier for girls it smells good on boys to and a little bit of vanilla is into it
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