Steve Vai on John5's new album!

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...listening to Steve's solo on this track again....very cool work, and it is recorded very beautifully. You can always hear Steve's tone from 10 miles away :P
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John 5 is a great player, I hate how he gets dismissed because of the Manson thing. Truth be told though the first time I heard of him was with Manson and I myself wrote him off but then I got the David Lee Roth album with him and was a fan since then. I got Vertigo the week it came out and played it for many poeple winning over converts.

Also, if you guys went to Ozzfest this year he's playing guitar for Rob Zombie. I'm not sure if he's doing this every show but at the PNC show in NJ the drummer and John did the double bass/tapping bit int he opening on Hot For Teacher that opened up into John doing this insane shred solo spot. Blew everyone away ... and all this with that lame looking Telecaster.
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The cat is married - read that again : MARRIED - to Aria Giovanni. I nearly shit myself when I found that out.

It's sad to see John getting slagged off here. The guy can flat out play. Vertigo is a pretty sweet record. The wacky country stuff makes my brain hurt just hearing it - I cannot imagine how tough that stuff must be to cop. It's hard not to have a smile on your face when you hear him playing Sweet Georgia Brown and some of the rags.

I saw him at the Rob Zombie/Iron Maiden show in Denver. He got a little chance to wail at the end of the set, but that was it. I hope he tours and comes to Denver. I'm so there.

But after finding out he married Aria, christ, the guy is a freaking legend forever.

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John 5 is unquestionably influenced by Vai, any song screams his love for him. I also hear a good dose of Morse picking along with Buckethead-like industrial overtones.

Here are two reviews of his new disc. It's really diverse, going from classic rock to bluegrass to industrial to pure shred. ... nt&id=2785

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John 5's Songs for Sanity is a pretty good record and Steve's appearance is very cool... :)
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I think John5's first release was better than his second, but he is still a great player. Now, for those that discount him simply because of Marilyn Manson, Steve Vai recorded with:

Public Image Limited (John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols)

And, Steve has worked with orchestras and artists such as Ry Cooder and Sharon Isbin. I suppose then he wouldn't fit your definition of cool. I, on the other hand, think it is great to see such diversity. Half of the bands Steve has collaborated with are ones I do not care for -- Whitesnake, Alcatraz, PiL, and to some extent even Zappa. But, I don't discount him for the bands he was with.
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I think he's great and origional, I will be buying the album soon
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