Happy Birthday Steve Vai!!!

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:D :wink:
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Happy Birthday Mr. Vai God bless you, Keep rockin' :D :wink:
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G'day Steve,

Hope you had a brilliant birthday on Monday, and may you have many more to come.

I want to thank you profusely for the 2 plus decades of mind blowing music you have shared with the world. and also a conversation we shared about the track Lotus Feet in Melbourne last year. That conversation will live with me forever.

Kind regards,

Stewart Cox
Melbourne, Australia
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God Bless you and yours, Steve. Happy .45

And don't forget to thank your Mom for having you in the first place! You have touched us all way more than you'll ever know.

Brendan Casey
Syracuse, NY

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i wish you happiness in the company of your beloved family and close friends, may all the happiness you have spread to us comes back to you.

Muchas felicidades desde Mexico
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Much Love from a huge fan!! Sorry I was late on wishing you a happy birthday, I've been rather busy with work, the band, and getting hitched ;)

Were having alot of your music played thru and after our ceremony, wanna come play them live ;) Lol

My, my.. its Steve Vai... he a geezer at 45.. :D

Much love, and thanks for doing my Voice mail at the Cannery in Nashville,

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Hope you had a Great Birthday Mr. Steve.......Keep aspiring to inspire.....keep those sounds you hear in your head from that secret place coming to us.....AgAc
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Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I hope this day be really special for you and your family!!!, your music has been one of the biggest influence on my musical journey in this life, God bless us all with your beautifull and inspired music...Happy-happy-birthday!!!!

DESDE CHILE CHAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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happy b-day!
The Reaper
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Happy birthday Steve and thanks for your amazing music :peace
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Steve -- I've been a fan of yours ever since the early '80s Zappa days when I was bugging you to get me an audition for the drum chair (and you were kind enough to mail me some FZ charts -- man, was it really over 20 years ago??) Thanks for putting out some incredible music over the years! I've been listening to the Real Illusions album every day since it came out (in fact, all your releases are mainstays on my iPod). Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and may you continue to be a creative force for many years to come!

Bob Saydlowski
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I know its late, but Happy Birthday Steve
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I'm really, really sorry 'cos i'm late but i wanted to say Happy Birthday to u anyway!!!!! :D :D :D , my bday will be the 14th so i'm gemini too (and u know, we are such beautiful people...)

Well, hope u had a great day, full of friends and family, thank u for giving us your amazing touching music, i think u're the Hendrix of our time...

Come soon to Buenos Aires again, please! Your playing in the G3 concert was simply perfect!!!!

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HEY!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sorry im a little late cuz i didnt know it was ur birthday but know i know, anyways yah, i hope your year is gonna be as good as mine has been , i actually got to see you play at ziggys this year! which was the highlight of it, it was a very very good show, anyways im gonna stop takin up space, just know this YOU ARE THE MAN!!!, my main influence in my playing , anyways yah im gone ,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY , warm regards, and <3

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Hey Steve,
I just wanna say Happy Birthday Mr. Biggest Influence of my Life!!! Your a great guitarist and and even better person. Thanks for all the years of music.. and many more to come hopefully!!
Looking forward to seeing you in Ireland,
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