Stickered Strat? (New Harmony Hut photo)

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Stringking wrote:Mikey wrote:
To quote Steve:

"I'd burn EVO before I got rid of this guitar."


Can you post a link to anywhere where Steve made that quote?
He said that to me.

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well, that sounds pretty official...
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It is a xn2 on ash body wood
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The bridge pickup has changed several times.

It was originally a single coil, then it went to an X2N for a while, then to the Bill Lawrence, then at some point back to an X2N

It was a bill lawrence through all the alcatrazz era.
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RAR! wrote:
FinnJ wrote:we all know that the sticker strat was steves first proper guitar
but how come on the ALS dvd commentary he tells a story about going out to buy a proper strat for that album, is the sticker strat a mexican or jap guitar? did steve just wanna get a usa model
what do you guys think?
I dont know about the ALS commentary.

His strat is a 70's strat. That means its an American made strat. They didn't have all the different outsourced strat hierarchy nonsense then. . . If you had a Fender strat, you had a FENDER AMERICAN STRAT, and theyre was no question about it. :)

His strat was a "proper strat" at one time. But, he's hacked at it, covered it in stickers, put a DiMarzio X2N and a Floyd Rose on it, which has dramatically altered the sound to a more versatle instrument, but. . takes away the stratish sounds.

If he said he wanted a "proper strat" for the ALS commentary, he was probably referring to an un-modded one. ;)
late 70's strat according to my friend :wink:

he also pointed out that he "screwed it up" because he put a locking nut with locking tuners. and i thought what's the point in that, the locking nut, seeing as how the tuners lock anyway :?
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Wonder why it wasn't used for The Boy From Seattle?
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