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by merlinlake78
Fri Dec 24, 2004 12:06 pm
Forum: Ibanez and Other Guitars
Topic: What guitars does everyone have?
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my small collection of guitars

Here is my small modest collection of guitars A legend Telecaster .. ( officialy dead now ) Fender American Stratocaster Gibson Flying-V '67 reissue with a Emg-81 at the bridge Ibanez js100 Satriani And a Ibanez Jem555 with a broken locking tremelo... Somwhere in May 2005, Im planning too get me a I...
by merlinlake78
Thu Sep 09, 2004 2:20 am
Forum: Concert Reviews
Topic: REVIEWS: Sept 2004: The Aching Hunger 4FM Radio Broadcasts
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The Music

Hai everybody I was excited to hear that there was a broadcasing of the aching hunger over the radio and the internet. It was the best concert I ever witnessed, And now to hear it again in great sound qaulity.. is the best :D :D :D So .. much thanx to 4fm ans steve vai . Thank U Greetz Merlinlake78 8)
by merlinlake78
Tue Sep 07, 2004 4:02 am
Forum: Ibanez and Other Guitars
Topic: Your first guitar?
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My first Guitar

Hai My first Guitars where a Cheap nylon string acoustic guitar wich did,nt survive bourding school ...It Got a huge crack on the top op de body .. And a legend Telecaster copy ..A guitar great for somebody who's starting too play guitar ..But had the worst neck I ever played ..Lucky for me I bought...
by merlinlake78
Wed May 26, 2004 8:35 am
Forum: Concert Reviews
Topic: REVIEWS: The Aching Hunger, 22 May 2004:  DE OOSTERPOORT
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The Oosterpoort concert may 2004

:D :D I absolutly saw the Steve Vai concert that day, And I was totally amazed on how it al came together .. I new Steve studied orchestra stuff ..But I never thought he would write every piece of music , every note that the Metropole played that night .. I sounded Absolutly Amazing and wonderfull ....