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by davester1234
Sun Jul 24, 2005 1:30 pm
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: Touching Tongues: out of key lick??
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I think that's the coolest run of all the runs in Vai's catalogue. It sounds that way on purpose....its not the same old, but hey, this is Steve Vai. He stays away from the same old on purpose. its "building".
by davester1234
Sun Jul 24, 2005 1:27 pm
Forum: Ibanez and Other Guitars
Topic: REALLY need PROFESSIONAL answers on this (IMPORTANT)
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mental speedin wrote:dont put emgs on an ibanez it will take away the ibanez sound......they work for zakk wylde on his gibson but not on an ibanez.....put dimarzios in there bud 8)
i agree. :)
by davester1234
Sun Jul 10, 2005 8:58 pm
Forum: Studios, Gear, Amps and Effects
Topic: line 6 POd xt
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its a good machine.

Fab for recording, and the more you work it, the better it sounds. Can sound a bit unnatural live though, if you're not careful
by davester1234
Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:52 am
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: The official "Happy Birthday" Pia Vai thread
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Happy Birthday Pia.

Have a great one! :D
by davester1234
Sun Jul 03, 2005 6:56 am
Forum: Photo Gallery and Discussion
Topic: The "FLO experience"
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That's one of the reasons why I never get tired of being a Steve Vai fan.

Always classy. :)
by davester1234
Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:50 am
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: Vai interview from DLR site
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I like reading steve interviews. You never leave saying "oh, that steve,can you believe he said that, what a jerk."

Its always classy, educated, informative, and fun. Great interview.
by davester1234
Wed Jun 29, 2005 5:34 am
Forum: General Music Discussion
Topic: Any cd, how many copies sold?
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maybe start a thread and ask steve how many records he sold for x album in north america, or in a specific country or 2.
If he had the info, and the time, I don't see why he wouldn't answer. Or perhaps Mikey would provide the 411.
by davester1234
Thu Jun 09, 2005 5:57 am
Forum: Techniques, Playing Styles and Music Theory
Topic: Eight Year Old Virtuoso Vid
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Very cool video. Not doubting whether he will ever be a 'guitar hero', only time will tell, he's very skilled and has alot of talent, but I honestly feel that kids that stick out this far, this early, usually burn out or average out-that goes for all child actors, painters, prodigies <sp> ect... or...
by davester1234
Fri Jun 03, 2005 5:19 am
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: How does Steve feel about those of us who play like him?
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I think its silly that people harp on others for what they try to do on the guitar. I know I've spent hours trying to do what Steve does, and in the end, I've learned a sh!t load of stuff.

You should always try to be yourself, but learn as much as you can from others.
by davester1234
Thu Jun 02, 2005 3:07 pm
Forum: General Music Discussion
Topic: G3 2005!!!
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I think Nuno's the right man for the job. Its time to spark up his career to a more mainstream audience. He deserves it.
by davester1234
Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:29 pm
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: Happy Birthday Steve Vai!!!
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Hey Steve, have a great birthday man. Hope you've had a spectacular year.
Party hard, and drop us a note soon man.

Your Toronto friend,
by davester1234
Mon May 30, 2005 6:24 am
Forum: Studios, Gear, Amps and Effects
Topic: The Mothership and The Harmony Hut - Steve Vai's studios
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I think its cool Steve opened his home as a business. i always appreciated his business saavy. That's is definately a cool thing. I'm willing to be its a pretty damn good facility to record in. :wink:
by davester1234
Mon May 30, 2005 6:19 am
Forum: All About Steve
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there has been so much vai in my house that my grandmother likes it to. given we're Italian Canadians, she just about flips about when she hears Principessa. She adores it. That one, liberty, and FTLOG.

-and she's close to 80! 78.
by davester1234
Mon May 09, 2005 5:22 am
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: New G3 DVD, NICE!
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I also think the disc should contain all the music....

It would cost consumers a bit more, but I really can't imagine the type of people that buy this stuff NOT buying it because it costs 7 or 8 bucks more. It's still a done deal, and the unsilent majority will be extremely happy. :)
by davester1234
Mon May 02, 2005 6:34 am
Forum: Studios, Gear, Amps and Effects
Topic: Comments on line 6 pod xt live
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the podxt does not come with a footswitch