Generation Axe: Fox News Interview

Check out this interview on Fox News with Steve and Nuno Bettencourt, where they discuss the Generation Axe tour.

Generation Axe Featured in Guitar Player Magazine

Generation Axe is the cover story in Guitar Player Magazine for June 2016! The issue ships to subscribers this Friday, April 15th



Steve’s Dubai Update

Hey Folks, 

Steve here 

I recently returned from Dubai where I spoke and played a bit at a YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) convention, and also gave an “Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class” at a local Hard Rock Cafe. 

In all of the places I have visited over the years, perhaps Dubai surprised me the most. I had heard of Dubai’s attractions and opulence and was expecting more of the Vegas atmosphere I was told it is representative of, but what I found was a completely different cultural atmosphere than what I expected. 

First, the place is very safe. There is virtually no crime. Men or Woman can walk alone at any time of the day or night and feel safe. It’s wonderfully clean on every street corner. There is no graffiti, homeless, or street pollution. There seems to be an ethical awareness built into the culture. The architecture is quite astounding and although I heard stories of the opulence being overdone, I didn’t find any of that “Vegas” that was attributed to it, but instead I found an appreciation for elegance and quality of life. Although some of it’s citizens ascribe to various religious dress and practices, there is a respectful tolerance for all faiths, but one is expected to honor certain ethical practicality. 

In looking a little deeper into the fascinating infrastructure of this swiftly evolving city, I was lead to learn about their leader Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also known as Sheikh Mohammed. He is the ruler of Dubai as well as vice president and prime minister of the UAE. 

As an American that is fatigued with USA politics, and virtually all world politics, I have no responsibility to pay allegiance to any world leader outside of the respect for protocol when visiting another culture. But when I learned of how this visionary man has been cultivating the expansion of Dubai since 2006, and feeling the deep and sincere respect, gratitude and even reverence that the people have for this benevolent leader, I was not only impressed, I was inspired.

I’m looking forward to returning there whenever there is an opportunity. 

Here’s some photos, enjoy!


Generation Axe Rehearsals

Steve to play Bospop Festival in the Netherlands on July 10

Good news for our Dutch fans. Steve will be performing on Sunday July 10th at Bospop Festival in Weert, the Netherlands!

Get your tickets here!  Want to see where Steve is performing besides Bospop? Check out our Tourdates page!


New Vai-Tal Gear item on Ebay

Our Vai-Tal Gear  auction this month is an Api 312 500 series Mic Pre Amp.

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Steve to play Sweden Rock Festival 2016 in Solvesborgy

Steve and band will be playing the Sweden Rock Festival 2016 in Solvesborg, Sweden on June 11, 2016! Tickets are available at