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Photo’s from Sylmar, 1984

April 22, 2014

These are from around 1984 and were shot by Marco Llanos.
This was when we were living in Sylmar and I was working out of my Stucco Blue Studio after the Zappa tours and before the Roth thing.
During the Flex-Able period. Life seemed so simple. Almost as simple as it is now.

Steve appears in “The Amazing You” movie

April 19, 2014

Steve appears in a new film called “The Amazing You”- a journey to personal success and fulfillment. The movie features some of the most inspiring leaders and visionaries of our world today; Steve, visionaries at NASA, Stanford, New York Times best selling author Peter Vesterbacka & leaders from successful companies all share insights on their journeys.

Check out the trailer below. The movie is produced and offered by Success Engineering Corporation and is available in its entirety at www.TheAmazingMovie.com


GuitarMania.eu interview with Steve in Vienna

April 14, 2014

GuitarMania is an online fanzine for guitarists and bass players. The fanzine is based in Vienna, Austria, and focuses on national and international musicians of all genres. They recently filmed an interview with Steve while he was in Vienna. You can visit GuitarMania at www.guitarmania.eu and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/guitarmania

Update from the road: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

April 8, 2014

Pictures by Ferdie ArQuero


Update from the road: Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw

April 6, 2014

New Release Ocean Way Microphone Locker

April 4, 2014

The Ocean Way app, an indispensable tool that showcases a virtual microphone library with real world use-case scenarios, has just gotten a thorough update for iOS 7!  The app was created by Allen Sides and Steve Vai and features microphones from the legendary Ocean Way and Record One recording studios (Sinatra, Green Day, Clapton etc). Want to know what a Neumann u87 sounds like on a guitar cab vs an SM57? This app showcases the intricacies for various mics to help you make a decision in the studio or at home. Visit this link to download the Ocean Way app or simply update your previously downloaded app on your iOS device’s App Store.

The updates included:
- Redesigned the user interface for iOS 7
- Improved performance for a faster, smoother user experience
- Added support for an enhanced experience on 64-bit devices

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Greetings from Israel!

March 30, 2014


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