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Moxipop Interview, Part I

November 27, 2013

Moxipop has done an extensive two part interview with Steve. Here is the part one about his approach to personal peace and more in this exclusive interview.


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Hey folks.
Steve here. As some of you know we have a portion of the show called “Build Me A Song” where I invite some folks up from the audience to help us build a song. It’s always a hoot and on this particular night in Austin I had a young man, Kenny Finkelstine come up on the stage. He was an exceptional participant who wore a tremendous smile the whole show.
Sometimes I drape my guitar around song participants and play it and Kenny was a great sport about it.
Here’s a fun shot he sent to the Vai concert review forums.



EVO Cake

Check out this sweet Evo JEM presented to Steve in Dallas, Texas by 6-string cake-baker, Mike Cooper.

Eric Johnson jams with Steve at the Austin, TX show

November 24, 2013

Hey folks,
We were thrilled and honored to have Eric Johnson visit our show in Austin. He came up and jammed during the show. It was so wonderful to feel Eric’s beautiful energy on the stage again. Just hearing one note from his inspired fingers warms the heart. Thank you my friend.


Steve Vai interview with Grand Rapids, MI WZZM TV 13

November 16, 2013

Legendary Guitarist Steve Vai Sits Down With Stephanie

See the interview online here:




youhearthis.com interview with Steve

November 13, 2013


YHT? posted this great interview with Steve on their site:


Some photos from the tour!

November 10, 2013