Saturday Gear Po!n…. Orignal Evo Neck & Tool-less Jem

The Story Behind Evo’s Broken Neck

“My name is Chris “Chrispy” Conrads, I was Stu Hamm’s Bass tech 1994-1998 Oct 10 1996, Concord pavilion, San Francisco Ca. full production rehearsal day for the first G3 tour. We were setting up and getting everything together for the tour, Steve Vai’s equipment had arrived from Australia, where during a show there Steve had thrown his guitar to his tech while standing on the cable. Needless to say the guitar stopped in mid air and nose dived, thus one of history’s great guitars was damaged. Ibanez had provided a few new necks for Steve to try. All the guitar techs were set up in a corner in the back of the venue (they were still setting up staging, sound and lighting) and I watched as Nick removed the broken neck, stripped the hardware off it and tossed it into a trash can. I was shocked to think that the neck that had been Vai’s “baby” for 4 albums and countless shows wasn’t going to to be attempted to be repaired. I snatched the neck up and said to Steve ” you want me to attempt a repair on this?” He said, “No, once the wood is broken It won’t ring the same as a solid piece of wood” I said “are you sure?” he said “Yea, one of these new ones will be fine” I said, “This is a piece of guitar history, it can’t just go in the trash” He laughed and said “Enjoy!” The next night was the first show of the tour, it was also the night I realised That Steve broke a guitar every night on that tour, I was hanging out at my station on the side of the stage when Steve started smashing the guitar at the end of his set, a pickup rolled across the floor and stopped when it hit my foot, I looked down and smiled as the light bulb went off in my head thinking to myself “If i can get a piece every day, I can build a broken guitar around the broken neck!” I scooped up the pickup and tossed it in my toolbox! And so the tour went on, a trem here, a pick-guard there, a headstock with machines and locknut, all played and broken by Vai! At the end of the tour I had everything but a body. Steve was playing a solo show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. I went down and helped with set up (H.O.B. L.A. is not a great venue for the crew, rough load in and not much room on the stage) near the end of the show I went into the audience, and worked my way to the front of the stage, and when Steve broke the guitar, the body broke into three pieces I grabbed two of them as they came off, the third I watched slide under the drum riser where I went and retrieved it. After the show I got Steve to sign it but it was still sweaty and oily and the pen didn’t write clearly, Steve said “Here, I will go over it again” reaching for the guitar, I said “Nah, that’s perfect, the autograph was altered by your DNA” he laughed and thanked me for helping out with the show. i glued the body back together (the date of that show is written in the neck pocket) and put all the parts on it and tossed it in a case where it has been for the last decade. Notice how discolored the back of the neck is, Steve’s blood, sweat and tears have been squeezed into the wood grain, it contains more of Steve’s DNA than a dozen DNA models!”



The prototype for the tool-less tremolo system that Steve developed.




LOS ANGELES — To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his landmark album, Passion and Warfare, Steve Vai has announced he will be embarking on a very special world tour celebrating the groundbreaking recording.  

Passion and Warfare is highly regarded as one of the greatest instrumental rock guitar recordings of all time.  For the first time Vai will be performing the entire Passion and Warfare record from top to bottom, with some very special surprises in store. 

Vai will be launching his PAW Euro tour hot off the Generation Axe tour and will be performing at the World Guitar Festival in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, on May 28, 2016. This will mark the first date of the Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour.  Following that festival play and an extensive run in Europe that will include stops in Scotland, England, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland and many other countries, the tour will arrive in the United States in October.  Additional concerts in America and abroad will be announced at a later date.

“Performing this record from top to bottom (with some very special surprises in the works) is something I’ve always dreamed of doing,” Vai said.  “There are songs here I’ve never performed before, and I’m delighted that 25 years after its release, I feel as though my guitar chops are as much up to the task as ever before.”

The tour will feature a unique premium package:  the Passion and Warfare EVO Experience, where among other things fans will have an opportunity to sit with Steve in an intimate Q&A session.  A limited number of EVO Experience tickets will be available for each show.

In the next few weeks, there will be an official announcement regarding the release by Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings of Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Edition, a remastered version of the original recording featuring four bonus tracks, and a new companion album called Modern Primitive, which includes material that was either recorded or written after Vai’s first solo record Flex-Able and prior to the writing and recording of the music on Passion and Warfare. These tracks have not been previously released.

Modern Primitive is by far my most adventurous recording to date, and I feel as though it’s my most telling release.”

Vai will also be performing select G3 dates with Joe Satriani and The Aristrocrats in Italy and Germany during the month of July.

Vai will host his third Vai Academy at the Asilomar Center ( in Carmel, California, Jan. 2-6, 2017.  Special guests will be announced soon when the camp goes on sale.  For more information, e-mail:  

“I can’t be more blown away by our line up of special guests that will be joining us in January 2017 for our next Vai Academy,” Vai said.  “The theme for this camp will be focusing on technique, and going deeper than technique to find a player’s individual and unique voice on the instrument.” 


Steve Vai – Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary World Tour Dates

May 28 – Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec – World Guitar Festival

June 1 – Glasgow, Scotland – O2 ABC Glasgow

June 2 – London, England – London Palladium

June 3 – Newcastle Upon Tyne, England – O2 Academy Newcastle

June 5 – Manchester, England – O2 Ritz Manchester

June 6 – Brighton, England – The Dome

June 7 – Bristol, England – Academy

June 9 – Helsinki, Finland – The House of Culture 

June 11 – Solvesborg, Sweden – Sweden Rock Festival

June 12 – Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller Music Hall

June 13 – Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser Medis, Ballroom

June 14 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Amager Bio

June 15 – Gothenburg, Sweden – Pusterviksbaren

June 17 – Leuven, Belgium – Het Depot

June 18 – Gutenstetten, Germany – Ibanez Guitar Festival

June 20 – Warsaw, Poland – Progresja

June 21 – Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna Music Bar

June 23 – Vienna, Austria – Simm City

June 24 – Dornbirn, Austria – Conrad Sohm

June 26 – Paris, France – Le Trianon

June 27 – Solothurn, Switzerland – Kofmehl

June 28 – Schaffhausen, Switzerland – Kammgarn

June 29 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – den Atelier

June 30 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Les Docks

July 2 – Rome, Italy – Rock In Roma (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 3 – Sogliano Al Rubicone, Italy (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 4 – Ascoli Piceno, Itlay – Piazza del Popolo (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 5 – Grugliasco, Italy – Gru Village (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 6 – Gardone Riviera, Italy – Teatro del Vittoriale 

July 7 – Udine, Italy – Castello di Udine

July 10 – Weert, Netherlands – Bospop Festival

July 11 – Munich, Germany – Circus Krone (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 12 – Offenbach A. Main, Germany – Stadthalle (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 13 – Bonn, Germany – Kunst!rasen (G3 with Joe Satriani & The Aristocrats)

July 16 – Cordoba, Spain – Anfiteatro Axerquia

July 17 – San Javier, Spain – Auditrio Parque Almansa

July 18 – Madrid, Spain – Jardines de la Complutense

July 19 – Valencia, Spain – Jardines de los Viveros

July 20 – Palma, Spain – Teatro Trui

July 21 – Barcelona, Spain – BARTS Club Paral.lel 62

July 23 – Lisbon, Portugal – Cultural Centre of Belem

July 24 – Vila, Portugal – Hard Club

July 28 – Budapest, Hungary – Park Budapest

July 30 – Tbilisi, Georgia – Tbilisi Open Air

Generation Axe show Houston Canceled

We are sorry to report that tonights Generation Axe show in Houston has been canceled due to flooding in the area.

Copied below is the Live Nation announcement:

Revention Music Center at Bayou Place
Monday, April 18, 2016
This event has been CANCELLED due to inclement weather.
Refunds are available at the original point of purchase.
Thank you for your understanding.

Generation Axe plays “Foreplay”

Check out this article by Guitar World, with a video of Generation Axe playing Boston’s ‘Foreplay”, recorded in Denver two days ago:—vai-yngwie-zakk-nuno-and-tosin—play-bostons-foreplay/28992


Generation Axe: Fox News Interview

Check out this interview on Fox News with Steve and Nuno Bettencourt, where they discuss the Generation Axe tour.

Generation Axe Featured in Guitar Player Magazine

Generation Axe is the cover story in Guitar Player Magazine for June 2016! The issue ships to subscribers this Friday, April 15th



Steve’s Dubai Update

Hey Folks, 

Steve here 

I recently returned from Dubai where I spoke and played a bit at a YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) convention, and also gave an “Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class” at a local Hard Rock Cafe. 

In all of the places I have visited over the years, perhaps Dubai surprised me the most. I had heard of Dubai’s attractions and opulence and was expecting more of the Vegas atmosphere I was told it is representative of, but what I found was a completely different cultural atmosphere than what I expected. 

First, the place is very safe. There is virtually no crime. Men or Woman can walk alone at any time of the day or night and feel safe. It’s wonderfully clean on every street corner. There is no graffiti, homeless, or street pollution. There seems to be an ethical awareness built into the culture. The architecture is quite astounding and although I heard stories of the opulence being overdone, I didn’t find any of that “Vegas” that was attributed to it, but instead I found an appreciation for elegance and quality of life. Although some of it’s citizens ascribe to various religious dress and practices, there is a respectful tolerance for all faiths, but one is expected to honor certain ethical practicality. 

In looking a little deeper into the fascinating infrastructure of this swiftly evolving city, I was lead to learn about their leader Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also known as Sheikh Mohammed. He is the ruler of Dubai as well as vice president and prime minister of the UAE. 

As an American that is fatigued with USA politics, and virtually all world politics, I have no responsibility to pay allegiance to any world leader outside of the respect for protocol when visiting another culture. But when I learned of how this visionary man has been cultivating the expansion of Dubai since 2006, and feeling the deep and sincere respect, gratitude and even reverence that the people have for this benevolent leader, I was not only impressed, I was inspired.

I’m looking forward to returning there whenever there is an opportunity. 

Here’s some photos, enjoy!