Photo’s from Sylmar, 1984

These are from around 1984 and were shot by Marco Llanos. This was when we were living in Sylmar and I was working out of my Stucco Blue Studio after the Zappa tours and before the Roth thing. During the Flex-Able period. Life seemed so simple. Almost as simple as it is now.

Spring Gala Event 2014, China

About six months ago my dear friend Greg Bissonette hooked me up with a very famous Chinese pop artist who was interested in having me play on one of his tracks. His name is Chyi Chin. In China, he has been a very popular artist for many years. I get offers like this occasionally, and […]

Happy Holidays


Hey folks. Steve here. As some of you know we have a portion of the show called “Build Me A Song” where I invite some folks up from the audience to help us build a song. It’s always a hoot and on this particular night in Austin I had a young man, Kenny Finkelstine come […]

Eric Johnson jams with Steve at the Austin, TX show

Hey folks, We were thrilled and honored to have Eric Johnson visit our show in Austin. He came up and jammed during the show. It was so wonderful to feel Eric’s beautiful energy on the stage again. Just hearing one note from his inspired fingers warms the heart. Thank you my friend. s

My birthday gift from Romania.

Hey Folks, Meet the new addition to the Vai family. This tree was gifted to me by a donation made by my dear friend in Romania, Anca Lupes.  See her letter below about it.  I picture its roots wrapped in a little diaper, Weird ay? s   Hi Steve, Please meet your tree: As you […]

Devin Townsend, “The Retinal Circus”

Hey Folks, One of my favorite artists in the world, Devin Townsend, has released an absolutely off-the-hook epic concert DVD masterpiece , “The Retinal Circus”. The packaging alone is monumental. I was guest narrator on a video screen through the performance. What Devin accomplished here is truly mind blowing. Check it out: S   […]