My birthday gift from Romania.

Hey Folks, Meet the new addition to the Vai family. This tree was gifted to me by a donation made by my dear friend in Romania, Anca Lupes.  See her letter below about it.  I picture its roots wrapped in a little diaper, Weird ay? s   Hi Steve, Please meet your tree: As you […]

Devin Townsend, “The Retinal Circus”

Hey Folks, One of my favorite artists in the world, Devin Townsend, has released an absolutely off-the-hook epic concert DVD masterpiece , “The Retinal Circus”. The packaging alone is monumental. I was guest narrator on a video screen through the performance. What Devin accomplished here is truly mind blowing. Check it out: S   […]

In Mallorca…

I would have to say that the concert in Mallorca Spain was one of the highlights of the tour. That island has such a pulsing life to it. Where I played is a school, Es Gremi: Centre Musical and they named a street after me. It has no speed limit, ha!


Photo’s from Antwerp

  Decisions, decisions…..

UK Photo’s


Photos from Bangkok

Dear Me Book