Update from the hive

Hey folks, Many of you know that I’m a hobby bee keeper. It’s a simple and very rewarding hobby. The bees do all the work! Whenever I am working with the bees it’s a closeness to nature that is rejuvenating and inspiring. Many of you may know about the rapid decline of honeybees but may […]

End of the Story of Light Tour

Hello dear ones. To say that this last tour was a powerful life experience would be like saying the sun is hot. Since we kicked off the Story of Light tour, between shows, Master classes, orchestra concerts etc, in support of this record we have performed 226 engagements. That’s a lot of notes. I made […]

The Crew & Band at the last show.

Great photo from Brat of the band and Ukrainian crew. This was at the last full show on the Story of Light tour. 1. Jeremy Colson 2. Brat Vukovich 3. Fire Vai 4. Dave Weiner 5. Thomas Nordegg 6. Maksym Nabokov 7. Ievgen Pylypenko 8. Steve Vai 9. Denys Lev 10. Philip Bynoe 11. Dmytro […]

Update From The Road: Poland and Siberia

Hey folks, We had the good fortune to have a stop on our tour in Wroclaw Poland. This city is a secret jewel. It’s historic architecture, lush botanical gardens and rich culture has made it one of my very look forward to cities when touring. This year we performed at the “Thanks Jimi” festival and […]

Danielle Gottardo

Hey Folks Every now and then, perhaps I would even say once in a blue moon, (and a blue moon is very rare) I come across a guitar talent that is truly stimulating to me. This young Italian guy Daniele Gottardo is one of those people. His technique is stunning but his choice of notes […]

Photo’s from Sylmar, 1984

These are from around 1984 and were shot by Marco Llanos. This was when we were living in Sylmar and I was working out of my Stucco Blue Studio after the Zappa tours and before the Roth thing. During the Flex-Able period. Life seemed so simple. Almost as simple as it is now.

Spring Gala Event 2014, China

About six months ago my dear friend Greg Bissonette hooked me up with a very famous Chinese pop artist who was interested in having me play on one of his tracks. His name is Chyi Chin. In China, he has been a very popular artist for many years. I get offers like this occasionally, and […]