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NOTES: "Zappa's Universe"

Joel Thome is a prominent contemporary composer that spearheaded this tribute concert to Frank. He constructed a 30-piece orchestral ensemble who went by the name "Orchestra of Our Time". I very gleefully accepted the offer to go to New York and play at the tribute. Frank was actually going to attend, but at the last minute his illness prevented it.

Performance-wise, I had my choice of Frank's repertoire to pick from. "Can't Afford No Shoes", "Sofa" and "I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth" were the choices. Later I joined Dweezil and the band for a sinister rendition of "Dirty Love."

After listening to the tapes of "Sofa", I realized my guitar was a little bit out of tune from the band and I wanted to spiff up the part. So, I took the tracks into the studio and brushed them up a bit. I'm happy with this performance, but then again, the melody to that song is so absolutely touching and beautiful, it would sound glorious performed on a kazoo (as long as they play the right notes). The truly amazing thing was that we actually won a Grammy Award for this performance in the category of "Best Rock Instrumental Performance." For a good part of my career I had wanted to impress Frank with the way I performed his music. It seems like such divine karmic irony that so shortly after his passing, I would receive such an honorable award for a song that he wrote. It's really the industry's way of showing respect and tribute to Frank. home