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NOTES: "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 5"

The second disc of this two-disc package contains recordings from Frank's 1982 European tour. I was in this band and that tour has special memories for me. I went through some major emotional and personal development during that period. Some major pivotal physiological expansion.

Frank was one time quoted as saying "The '82 band could play beautifully when it wanted to." Some of my favorite Zappa songs were performed at these concerts and appear on this disc. A few of the more challenging ones are "What's New In Baltimore?", "Moggio", "RDNZL", "Advance Romance" and "Black Page #2."

There's one piece on there called "Geneva Farewell". It was the third song of the set from the show in Geneva and Frank pointed to me, surprisingly, to do an ad lib guitar solo on the spot. I waited a long time for that moment. The band was grooving and I was gearing up. I had the "blow away factor" on ten. The "blow away factor" is a personal indicator of the forthcoming event, that reveals to you the inspiration and knowledge that you're gonna kick some major ass in the next few moments.

I played three notes and somebody threw a cigarette butt on the stage and Frank stopped the show. He then went up to the microphone and said something to the effect of..."Do not throw anything up on the stage and whoever threw that must come up and show themselves, and then be escorted out of the building and then we will continue the show."

We sat for a few moments in silence, then somebody threw something else on stage. I don't know if it was a coin or a bottle of water, but Frank abruptly got up said "Show's over", walked off the stage, got in a car and drove away. The band ran backstage and the audience proceeded to destroy the stage by throwing stuff at it and then finally attacking it. As we were driving away, we could hear them yelling, in broken English, "ZAPPA GO HOME!!!"

Oh, well. Farewell, Geneva. home