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NOTES: "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 4"

This, like most of Frank's other You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore volumes, has material on it from different bands. For people who get off on twisted guitar parts (the impossible kind), there's a song called "Approximate" on this record. Frank composed this song with indefinite pitches, basically just rhythms and note directions. We had several different versions worked up. In one performance we were to add our own pitches to the rhythms, in another we would add our own words to the rhythms and sometimes we would dance the rhythms. Yes, that's Frank.

This particular night the performance involved notes and the tempo was frighteningly fast, very fast. Unlike many of the other performance pieces I recorded while with Frank, my guitar is mixed very loud in this one.

This piece of music is one of hundreds of examples of Frank's uncompromising compositional genius. No other contemporary composer can bring together so many different techniques, genres, skillfulness and comic relief. home