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NOTES: "Eat 'Em And Smile"

Some people believe this to be one of the great rock records of the decade. It was a ground-breaking event for a skinny kid from Long Island. It actually made me a guitar hero overnight thanks to the steady eye of all the Edward Van Halen fans that were waiting to see what the guitar under the voice of David Lee Roth was going to sound like.

We rehearsed long and hard on it. Great memories of this record are of hanging out with Billy, Dave and Gregg, especially in New York. Dave and I went jogging through Central Park almost every day and sometimes late at night (with security). It's a grand memory, a mighty record with a glorious band. I'm fiercely proud of that record and grateful that I had the chance to be part of such a gig at such an early age.

The tour is what notorious rock and roll gossip is made out of. It was not uncommon to have naked women dancing on the dinner table and then having oral sex with each other over a bottle of white wine, or with a bottle of white wine. home