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NOTES: "Slip Of The Tongue"

Doing the Whitesnake album and touring with them was an opportunity to get to do what I love to do the most... go out on tour with a big rock band and play to millions of people. It was a cake gig with good rock music. All of the songs were written by the time the guitars were to be recorded. I did my best to put the right axe to it, did the tour, had a blast with some great guys, promoted Passion And Warfare while I was out there and made a truck load of ducats, then moved on with my life.

The very minute the guitar parts on Slip Of The Tongue were complete, I went to work on Passion and Warfare. The very second that the mixing of Passion was complete, I got in my car, drove to Bernie Grundman's mastering lab, mastered the record and drove directly to the airport to fly to Lake Tahoe and start rehearsals for the Whitesnake tour.

I enjoyed the tour and the people in the band. It's kind of a shame there was such harsh and painful criticism towards me for joining this band from both the press and the band. Well, look at the bright side. I learned some new hair tricks! home