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NOTES: "Flex-Able Leftovers"

(1998 CD Re-release)

The creative concept for Flex-Able was to release it on Evatone Flexi-discs in a trilogy of a three disc package, hence the name Flex-Able. But then that idea was supplanted with the realization that it could actually be released as a full length, vinyl record. Heck, it could even end up in stores!

Flex-Able was recorded and there was so much stuff left over from those days, I put a little record out -- a 10-inch EP called Flex-Able Leftovers. It's a weird little offspring. I only issued 2000 copies. Some time later, 4 out of the 8 tracks that made up Leftovers were issued on the CD of the American release of Flex-Able, and the entire EP was finally rereleased in 1998 with all new artwork by Aaron Brown, and five bonus songs written during the same era but previously unrecorded for release. (The new CD release of Leftovers can be ordered online in our Merchandise section!) home