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NOTES: "At The Door"

At age 11, upon discovering Led Zeppelin, my world came to a complete halt. I shared Led Zeppelin with my friends but they weren't particularly interested, so I stopped hanging out with them for awhile. When I hooked up with them again, they had all gotten into listening to a wide variety of bands, and Led Zeppelin was only one of them. I'd never even heard of bands like Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, Queen, etc., etc.

Three houses up the street lived one of my best friends, John Sergio. He was a little older than me and was deeply into music, especially all kinds of rock. John Sergio was the catalyst for my true musical awakening. He knew all the happening bands and had their records too. He was a HUGE Jethro Tull fan. John played bass, but had started out on guitar.

I remember on one occasion, John was playing "Aqualung" by Jethro Tull on guitar, and I thought it was amazing that there was somebody in my town, right on my block, who could actually play a song by Jethro Tull on guitar. Stunned, I said to him, "You must be the best guitar player around." And he said, "If you think I'm good, you should see my guitar teacher, Joe Satriani!"

Well, as most of you know, I did.

John was the bass player in the first real band I was ever in, called Circus. We jammed constantly. I have some interesting early tapes from those days that really scrape the bottom of the basement floor. Someday they might be fed out in tidbits to the more pathologically famished Vai scavengers out there. You know who you are.

Nearly a decade later, in the mid-'80s, John put together a band called Heresy. Heresy played some meticulously executed progressive rock music. John has always been a fine musician with great ears and excellent taste in music. He invited me to do a few solos on the Heresy record. It was a fun reunion with an old friend. home