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NOTES: "Fire Garden"

I had written a script called Fire Coma. Basically it's about this guy that leads a risky type of life. He is quasi-assassinated and falls into a deep coma. While in the coma he relives various experiences in his life and sees them through different eyes. He learns about truth and reality.

The songs on the record are more or less audible outlines of different scenarios in the story. There was a novel that was started based on the Passion and Warfare music, most of that material was later amalgamated into the Fire Coma script.

This record is very long, about 73 minutes. It's broken down into two pieces (sides). The first half is primarily instrumental and the second half vocal.

Finding that perfect chemistry between a vocalist and a guitar player can be rather difficult. If you're Steve Vai doing a Steve Vai record, it's virtually impossible. Maybe the right singer is out there but until that marriage is made, Steve's gonna sing his music. home