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NOTES: "The Epidemics"

This is a band that the great Indian violinist L. Shankar had put together in the 80s. Although he is probably the most stunning classical Indian violin virtuoso known to man, this project was more of a new wave pop record. The guitars were recorded in about 2 days. The studio was in New York City in a little loft-type apartment.

Shankar had endless energy. At the end of a 35-hour session, I had to catch a train at 9 in the morning but still had one more song to do. Luckily I whisked through the song quickly but by the end my brain felt like wet bread. I remember Shankar, who was up the whole time with me, saying that he was totally prepared to do all his solos right then and right there because he wasn't tired at all. Meanwhile, everybody else's eyeballs were dragging around the concrete. home