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NOTES: "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey"

I was first asked to do some of the air guitar tricks in this film, and then the director asked if I would be interested in scoring a couple of the scenes. At the end of the film there was a climactic scene that was supposed to bring together both the first film (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) and this sequel. The climax of the two films was to take place during this intense guitar piece. It was originally recorded by the guitarist for Faith No More, Jim Martin, but at the last minute the movie studio decided to change the entire ending of the film. They called one week before the world premiere (and I mean the very last minute). They needed a re-score of the entire climatic ending scene.

The trick was that the actors had already played to what Jim Martin's original part was, but the director needed more flailing guitar.

That was the underscore music for the film. The pieces that appear on the soundtrack recording ("The Reaper" and "The Reaper Rap") were put together quite differently. First was the creation of this groovin' track, then I spent ten 18-hour days editing dialog bits from the film and flying them into the song. home