31 Jan

American Youth Symphony performance at Disney Hall LA.

Hey folks, Steve here.

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be performing at Disney Hall in Los Angeles with “American Youth Symphony” on March 11, 2017. I’ve been going to concerts at Disney Hall since it was constructed and feel tremendous appreciation to have been invited to perform my music there. The pieces that will be performed are…

1. There’s Still Something Dead In Here (without Steve)
2. Kill the Guy with the Ball (with Steve)
3. The Murder (with Steve)
4. Call it Sleep (with Steve)

These pieces were chosen by Carlos Izcaray who is the exceptional conductor of this event. It’s interesting to note that the first 3 pieces are perhaps some of my darkest and most brooding music.

“There’s Still Something Dead in Here” is a complex, dense and very atonal piece of contemporary music.
“Kill the Guy with the Ball” is violently fast and furious and the Orchestra version is just ripping.
“The Murder” is macabre and harmonically heavy.
“Call It Sleep” is from Flex-Able with an updated symphonic orchestration and will be a blessed relief after the first pieces.

Interesting that all the titles of these pieces could lead one to believe I have a preoccupation with Death! Truth is, I’m way too alive for that. Hope to see you at the show.

Ticket link: http://bit.ly/VaiLADisneyHall

20 Apr

Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass in Mexico, 28th of May

Steve will be doing an Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass on the 28th of May, at the Foro Viena in Mexico City. 

ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS is an unprecedented masterclass opportunity offered by Steve Vai to all music students and guitar enthusiasts. This two to three hour unique experience gives the attendees a unique opportunity to hear Steve discuss music theory, guitar technique, the music business, and most importantly, methods to discover and unlock your personal musical identity. In this class Steve shares his [ … Read More ]

13 Apr

Steve Vai to headline Starmus IV Festival in Norway, June 18 – 23

Just announced: Steve Vai will be headlining at Starmus IV Festival with “The Modern Primitives” ~Devin Townsend, Nuno Bettencourt & Grace Potter~ in Trondheim, Norway, June 18-23! Starmus is a celebration of Astronomy, Science, Arts and Knowledge whose dedicated speakers include Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin, Brian Eno and [ … Read More ]

05 Apr

Malibu Guitar Festival 2017

Steve will be performing at the  on May 19th in Los Angeles! The festival celebrates the guitar and features an incredible lineup of performers including Mick Fleetwood, Tommy Emmanuel, Lari Basilio, Hunter Hayes, Laurence Juber, zepparella, G. Love, Nik West and many talented artists! Visit www.malibuguitarfestival.com to purchase tickets & enjoy the show!!


[ … Read More ]

 For all upcoming shows, check our tourdates page

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Tour: Malibu Guitar Festival
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Clube do Congresso
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Music Hall
06/03/17 http://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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06/04/17 http://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Sao Paulo, Brazil
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12 hours ago

Steve Vai

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-How was your week end? -Nothing special... Just saw a gig with Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt and Yngwie Malmsteen. The beers were nice though...

Believe me Steve Vai is all man!! This is a musical genius!! Steve loves to entertain and have fun! He can do no wrong in my eyes! 👏👏👏👌

I fucking loved Generation Axe! Saw you guys back in May. You guys definitely should try to plan more of these shows out. I would love if you could possibly have Joe Satriani join you guys if you do more of these tours.

Huge Steve Vai fan, but the way he likes to play another man's instrument is really corny and is not a demonstration of guitar prowess but more a exhibition of his homosexual tendencies, which is fine but can we just get back to his individual playing.?

Would be great to see you all come to Adelaide. I was there when Yngwie came to Adelaide early 2016. He had a lot of issues with the amps I guess and lost about half playing time because of this but I didn't care because it was still TOTALLY AWESOME!

Hey i paid 75.00 for a glass lighted guitar at the VAI performance at the north Brunswick theatre in New Jersey. They sayd it would be mailed to me. I never received it. Wtf man ?????

STEVE, you're an extraordinary guitarist. I love your musical work, I have not yet had the opportunity to see it live, but I hope to realize this dream. Thank you for all the good that you provide us with your beautiful guitar solos. You are amazing.

Hey mr via are you ever going to come back to mn and when ? So that I know when to go get my tickets 🎸

Steve u need to share some audio of this jam... please

What a great show that was...fleeting, can barely remember it but a great time!

Thomas Vai Malmsteen Bettencourt Wylde in one gig fml

Good show..sunday23-4-17 Last.. in bangkok Thanks ..from :Thailand fanclub

So comical,the idea that Zakk Wylde can hang with these other players. Malmsteen?,Vai? - good luck with that Jeff Wielandt.lol

Looks like fun Steve , Hope you come to Belgium again Steve Vai, enjoyed a great show at Het Depot last year .

Steve Vai em Belo Horizonte dia 02 de junho!! #esperoansioso #thebestguitar

Where was that Gen Axe concert? Was it Bangkok, Thailand @steve Vai?

Nuno looks like a cartoon from himself.

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OMG this looks awesome!!!!

Man. Wish I was there

Dammmm this tour looks awesome Ernie Pena

The Black Stage

see you this evening at hard rock hotel singapore. woohoo!

An evening of a lot of notes. 😂

Nuno is a Vampire

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Close encounters of the Jakarta kind! ... See MoreSee Less

Close encounters of the Jakarta kind!

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Thanks Steve Vai for your coming... Here it is one of a picture from my mobile phone that was taken during your performance... you're still amazing and incredible.....

I came there because of missed all your gigs before. Even i had to put my daughter for childcare(my place is about 120km from jakarta,and only live with my daughter) i need to see you. Need to see the man who inspired and spirit my life..

Thank you for the great concert, I hope Steve Vai & Yngwie will put Jakarta in their's tour schedule in near future, Bravo Jakarta

Thank you so much for the show in Jakarta, Mr Vai! It was a dream come true for me. You and the rest of Generation Axe were truly amazing. Please come again sometime!

Glad to see great guitarist coming in jakarta ... although I can not come and see right away

Oooo lha da laaa mas vaiii, i don kno u di jakarta,, mantap!

Another one

Guess what? I believe this was yours..

Today latprao moon star studio....

how I wish I can be there

Have a Good show Steve' ..!!🎸



See you in Amsterdam?

Hah ! Today in Jakarta ! Nobody told me ?

You're awesome dude

Thank you for coming Jakarta Mr. Vai

thanks for coming

Ayoye!!! Ça semble être vraiment hot cette année!! Bonne tournée!!😉😎😎

Amazing nights...

at dawn???ha!ha!da!


Senayan city jakarta..


We waiting at bekasi city 😂

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3 days ago

Steve Vai

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I was lucky to be witness to his unbeliavable performans in Istanbul, many years ago. I hope that I would see him once again before I complete my life time.... 🙏🙏🙏 He is a gift for this planet or maybe for the whole universe🎸🎸🎸

Great perfomance,mr.vai. Dont tired to stay back at indonesian. U give the inspiration to other musician, About indonesian is safe country,peace country,thanks one again for u,mr.vai.

for the love of godの最後の早弾きパートの部分ですね。 スティーブヴァイのこういうほぼアルバム通りに弾くプレイをよしとするかどうかは人によりますが、イングヴェイのようにバリバリに崩した弾き方も良いのですが、このようにメロディーの良い曲はCD通りにしたほうがいいような気もしますね。 ちなみにスティーブバイはこの曲をレコーディングするにあたって断食をして精神状態を神に近づけてレコーディングにしたたそうです。ww さすがはバイww

Un violero del carajo , uno de mis favoritos y este tema cada vez que lo escucho me emociona muchísimo , un groso de verdad Steve ...

Saw you at the G3 tour on Halloween in Detroit! 4th row - Amazing show!! Hope to see you again someday soon!! Bring Gen Axe back state side!!

A much bigger than the House of Blues here in San Diego where I got to take my 11 year old son to see him. Front row and it was great!

Thanks mr Vai for re coming and great perform in indonesia last night.. your the best.. the best inspiration in my tired life..... but i'nt got your meet n greet..

Hi Steve. I saw you on your The Story Of Light tour in Wolverhampton, U.K, a fews back. I tried to get some friends to come along but no one would attend with me, but I ended up going by self because there was no way I'd miss the opportunity to see you live. What a show that was! You're a master! I look forward to next time. :)

Oh man, how do you stop the video just before the best part!

I love this so much!!! I can't wait to see u here again in Brazil!!!

Unforgettable!!! Hope to see you once more in the Republic of Georgia.

One of my favorite's. You know Joe Satriani taught him how to play. They lived in the same neighborhood.

Only seen the legend once, back in 90!! I'm having this played at my funeral!!

Best instrumental song EVER. :) I´ve seen Steve play it 5 times live, always brought the tears to my eyes. Divine.

He doesn't disappoint! Seen 4 times! Reverence and respect!

Alonso Castillo Sanchez Check this out! Una pena que Karate Kid no se apareciera 😅

Shit, u concert in jakarta? Where is the advertising media?

Saw you in nashville, didnt know what to expect, then my mind was blown, you are a true rockstar and legend! Thanks steve

Love this, Debra Jane Wright , we saw him do this at Nottingham concert hall a few moons ago? 💜 💜 💜 💜 x

Look Yessenia Sánchez Villalobos your song i love it too is realy awesome

Whoa, what an amazing view this must've been from the stage. Great audience to perform for, for sure.

Why is the crowd pushed back so far away from the stage. I've never seen it that far before at any concert

Hi Steve, Doug here . That must be something to from the stage. Love yah much. Great job!

Luv this song! Too bad he cancelled the San Antonio show. 😔

Love it Steve .we been talking about you with my friends .. i been listening from the day dot

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