25 Sep

Zappa Hologram tour

A day doesn’t pass that I don’t think about Frank. Nothing could, or ever will take his place in the hearts of the fans, his family and the musicians that have toured with him and loved him… Nothing, and we all know that.

When I was invited to contribute to 3-4 shows of a potential Zappa hologram tour I thought… this could be odd, but another part of me felt this could also be pretty special too. To be on the stage playing his music again for the fans with some of his alumni, (many dear friends of mine) and to have his ghostly image residing over the proceedings was interesting and alluring enough for me to commit to helping kick off the tour.

Of course it’s not Frank, and I’m not 20 years old anymore, but I am very happy, and honored that I was invited to contribute to bringing the spirit of Frank and his eternal music, with this new technology, to those fans who connected so deeply with him. I felt the same way when I contributed to the ZPZ tour, and that was a fantastic experience.

I believe that the fans understand it’s just an image and that holographic technology has its limitations, but it is an evolution in technology and with an open mind it could be embraced for a worthwhile experience. I would want to attend this show if I heard about it. If a person can attend the show with their spirit of the love of Frank’s music at the forefront I believe it could be a very touching event for all involved.

It’s an opportunity to engage in a massive “nostalgic hernia” because for many of us, Frank’s “music is the best”.


Steve Vai


Los Angeles CA

25 Sep

Zappa Hologram tour

A day doesn’t pass that I don’t think about Frank. Nothing could, or ever will take his place in the hearts of the fans, his family and the musicians that have toured with him and loved him… Nothing, and we all know that.

When I was invited to contribute to 3-4 shows of a potential Zappa hologram tour I thought… this could be odd, but another part of me felt this could also be pretty [ … Read More ]

22 Sep

Steve Vai to headline the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2017, Meghalaya, India

In year eight, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, India’s largest multi-genre music festival heads to the gorgeous hills of Meghayala on October 27-28 and back to the city it calls home, Pune on December 8-10.

Head to the happiest music festival to catch amazing live performances by artists from India and around the world, a buzzing bazaar that’ll bring you local finds and foods, inspiring (and Instagram-worthy) art installations, and more of that an unmistakable vibe! One great weekend, [ … Read More ]

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7 days ago

Steve Vai

Hey Folks,
You know who here…
I’m happy to tell you that I did a track on Sterling Ball’s new record, “The Mutual Admiration Society”.

It’s an old 60’s bubble-gum type radio hit that I loved as a kid and always felt that one day I would like to re-record it and try and retain the nostalgic, innocent charm of the song, and that one day is now! The track is called “Sugar Shack”, check it out. My performance adds a new dimension to the word “quirky” on the guitar.

Some of you may know that Sterling "Big Poppa" Ball runs and owns Ernie Ball Strings and Ernie Ball Music Man. Him, John Ferraro and Jim Cox made this wonderful, earthy, bluesy, sometimes country sounding record and my buddies Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon and Albert Lee contributed tracks to it. It’s called “The Mutual Admiration Society” and they released “Sugar Shack” as a sort of single. The record drops in January.

Sterling is such a guitar head and I think you will be surprised at his guitar playing. The tone is so fat and clean and his note choice is quite tasty.

I’m off to India for some tofu vindaloo and a killer gig!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=puXDR5WdPAIProvided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Sugar Shack (feat. Steve Vai) · Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox · Steve Vai Sugar Shack (feat. Steve Vai) ℗...
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Thanks Steve Vai and Co. Wish we could hear it in Europe but the tune seems to be blocked for French viewers anyway, have a hot vindaloo time in India!!! (Careful of the monkeys lol)

It's odd. A little like a sponge Bob squarepants acid trip..... The synths i'd prefered with a different patch😂. But all and all a complete piece 👌🏻❗️

An interesting lil' ditty! It kinda has a 60's - 70's feel to it. It's always a treat to see how Steve can integrate himself into other people's style of music! Bravo! I wonder if he would put something like this on one of his own albums? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Te sigo de hace tiempo de cuando tocabas con David le roth cuando se separó van halen eres de los 3 mejores guitarristas del mundo psra mi gusto personal Eddy van Halen ; steve vay ; y you satriani saludos ah y estuvistes en whstenske también un abrazo saludos desde chile concepción

The guitar on Sugar Shack is spectacular. It's made my day. Thank you Mr Vai. Greetings from Canberra Australia.

Hey just listened to Your truly unsp.... Unbl.....wonder... Talelnted...virtuoseriest fun jazz music almost Ever ,made me feel,

Every peice of music I have ever listened to that had "Featuring" in the title sucked, including this one.

Hey Folks, Colin Haun here. I was wondering if anyone here can help me to help pay my medical bills. A couple of years ago I imagined Steve had some WMD's at his place so I attacked him and killed half his family and stole a bunch of his stuff. I'm now suffering from PTSD and need to pay for drugs and counseling.I would have used the money and stuff I stole from him to pay for it but I blew it all on hookers and booze. I know you guys already helped me out by buying the tanks and ammo and bombs I used to attack him and steal his stuff but the whole experience was so traumatic for me that I don't know if I can go on without your tender lovin' loyalty to me and my cause so I'm now coming back and asking for more funding....thanks, your pal Colin Haun.

Do you know if Frank Zappa had a permanent lung infection? I noticed he smoked tobacco all the time. Tobacco is a very powerful disinfectant that is also the most deadly and addictive drug on the planet. Was he trying to heal himself or was he just another malpracticing cancer stick peeddler?

I remember when I first heard that song, I was outside and all these kids had just been in a bus and tractor accident and were walking down the road with blood all over their bodies and crying all thanks to the high quality products the brilliant engineers of whiteydom build for their kids. I always get real nostalgic for that one.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Absolutely love the song( Sugar Shack). My mama likes it to Steve.

classic Vai. When is your next sudio album coming out? Throwback to alien love secrets style???

FYI. The full track is already available in Tidal.

Can't find any info on new album with John petrucci??

Thanks for posting. There are so many songs you can do.. more please

I love what he did to this song!

Hi Steve video not available in UK. New album not on the horizon yet? I need some fresh inspiration from you please! 🤟

My dad used to listen to this song...thanks for the memories Steve!

Steve Vai does bubble gum. How can you not like it? So what's next Steve? The Archies? Josie and the Pussycats?

Awesometastic!!! Will this be available on CD???

Arreglá el link vieja! O le digo a graciela dufau que la imitas !

Thank you steve..Bless you Always 💛💛💛

I love this! So much fun/joy in this track. Well done guys! :D

very cool tune with an amazing Vai twist as usual... So much wah - love it!

It's so Happy sounding and sweet. I'll listen to it Now and Laters!

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1 week ago

Steve Vai

Hey Folks, Steve here…
It’s been a while since I release a VaiTunes and recently I was digging through the infinity shelf and found one of perhaps 600 sound check jams that we recorded. Don’t know why I picked this one but… It was a 20 minute impromptu blues jam but I only used the first 4 and half minutes or so and used a lot of room mics for a little different experience. The track is called “Cupid and his Lasers”, and not sure where that came from either. Check it out, hope you enjoy.


PDF Booklet is available for download here: www.vai.com/discography-vaitunes/
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Steve, with all due respect, it's almost 2018 now. Could you please stop using iTunes for selling your non-album tracks and propose them on a lossless platform, so that we can have them in Flac, WAV, or AIFF format or something ? :) Your music is too good to be heard only on compressed files ;)

Hello Steve you are SO awesome. Saw you live on the Passion and Warfare tour!!! You were flawless and really killed it. Simply the best you are Mr. Vai (pretty sure you won't read this but anyway, I had to say it)

Hi Steve (LOL) Why don’t you just release what’s missing in the “secret jewel box” people paid for and expecting for ages? Thanks!

Hey Steve you need to release all valut guitars to me lol at least 2 but 1 wood work hehe get that I said wood

White letters in booklet will make better job imo

Noise. 😬

So lucky, I can't afford a popcorn fart trapped in a bag... cause the bag is too expensive hahahahaha Hopefully next year. Are these songs only on iTunes? And is there any video footage of you jamming them, maybe a special "release"

Hi Steve, I have listened all your Vai Tunes, I love all of them,specially Without Me! I love this wonderful melody at 3.03. The guitar sings something from somewhere else, but where? What inspired you to create this song?

I have been a huge fan for 20 years now.. Not of his improvising skills though, like this recording. But of all guitar hero’s out there he’s the most gifted songwriter/composer. Ever. Period. 🙏🏻

Billy Sheehan just played at my friend Phils club ANTHOLOGY here in ROCHESTER,NY.His band THE FELL rocked it!!Great person he is,and im glad l got to talk to him a bit.lt would be fantastic to see you guys in a band again!!! Please keep me in mind if you need any artwork,comics or tshirt designs!!! Peace and GOD bless!!!😊

Thanks for sharing Steve, I really like this tune. Takes me on a great little journey through time and space 👍🏼😎👌🏼🎸🙏🏽

The thing that scares me is that everything I ever painted or filmed or composed musically is better than any other persons art I've seen or heard in modern times and I'm like almost the worse artist of all time. It's enough to mummify all my internal organs with shock it's so creepy.

It's something to listen to.............

the cupid has some guitar skills hehehe

Steve Vai, that was awsome, sometimes I think you are an Allien from space

Hi Steve,Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.lve been jamming alot!!!

Man ur the only real deal u answer u Tex s and that very cool not expect anything less !! I will give u my address if u Tex me !!!!

Hey plz give me ur worst guitar and I’ll fix it and give back but if I can’t fix just sign it plz thanks man I luv u and u music and carry on !!!!’

Youre no van halen bitch...


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