31 Jan

American Youth Symphony performance at Disney Hall LA.

Hey folks, Steve here.

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be performing at Disney Hall in Los Angeles with “American Youth Symphony” on March 11, 2017. I’ve been going to concerts at Disney Hall since it was constructed and feel tremendous appreciation to have been invited to perform my music there. The pieces that will be performed are…

1. There’s Still Something Dead In Here (without Steve)
2. Kill the Guy with the Ball (with Steve)
3. The Murder (with Steve)
4. Call it Sleep (with Steve)

These pieces were chosen by Carlos Izcaray who is the exceptional conductor of this event. It’s interesting to note that the first 3 pieces are perhaps some of my darkest and most brooding music.

“There’s Still Something Dead in Here” is a complex, dense and very atonal piece of contemporary music.
“Kill the Guy with the Ball” is violently fast and furious and the Orchestra version is just ripping.
“The Murder” is macabre and harmonically heavy.
“Call It Sleep” is from Flex-Able with an updated symphonic orchestration and will be a blessed relief after the first pieces.

Interesting that all the titles of these pieces could lead one to believe I have a preoccupation with Death! Truth is, I’m way too alive for that. Hope to see you at the show.

Ticket link: http://bit.ly/VaiLADisneyHall

22 Sep

Steve Vai to headline the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2017, Meghalaya, India

In year eight, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, India’s largest multi-genre music festival heads to the gorgeous hills of Meghayala on October 27-28 and back to the city it calls home, Pune on December 8-10.

Head to the happiest music festival to catch amazing live performances by artists from India and around the world, a buzzing bazaar that’ll bring you local finds and foods, inspiring (and Instagram-worthy) art installations, and more of that an unmistakable vibe! One great weekend, [ … Read More ]

31 Jul

Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass 24th Aug, Music Zoo, NY

Steve will be teaching an Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass at The Music Zoo in New York on August 24! Attendees, and the online community, all have a chance at winning a special signed Ibanez Guitars to benefit The Family & Children’s Association. Click the link below for full details: https://longislandweekly.com/guitar-legend-steve-vai-raffl…/

If you are unable to attend but still would like the chance to win the signed guitar, you can purchase [ … Read More ]

 For all upcoming shows, check our tourdates page

Steve Vai

10/27/17 - 10/28/17 http://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Meghayala, India
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Bacardi NH7 Festival

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2 days ago

Steve Vai

Get up close and personal with Steve's hands during a performance of "The Attitude Song" via a GoPro mounted to Steve's guitar. Video by Jason McNamaraLIKE & SUBSCRIBE!! By popular request... YEP, this is really happening. Here is the GoPro ONLY view of Steve's guitar cam from my Steve Vai video. It has bee... ... See MoreSee Less

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The best part of this video is really getting a sense of how often and when Steve is switching pickups during one song.

Awesome innovation! But you never cease to amaze me! Although it is usually in the avenue of the number of different types of people I meet or know whose life you've touched in someway that influences them. Like the reclusive accounting teacher I never would have guessed owns one of your early model steve vai guitars, to heart surgeons ive worked with in the operating room who rattle off random facts about you while operating on someone. You are genuinely unique, innovative and impressive to say the least. Hope you come back to Sacramento again soon. We have been lucky enough to catch a photo of you and our child also named Vai and hope to get more in the future. -MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT

didn't realize he had a push pull knob to split the humbuckers to single coil. Still learn new stuff about Vai even 3 decades in as a fan and fellow musician.

Woooo pinky muting and hooking the pinky on the pickup to stabilize his picking and sometimes the pinky is on the volume control. 😱😳😃😎👍🎸

I wish this alternate view could be a bonus feature on every concert blu-ray going forward even if 30+ year old secrets were finally being revealed to us.

Ya know what's interesting about our society, If you steal some trees from my "property" I can probably "legally" shoot you, yet I had no more to do with creating or inventing or raising and nourishing the trees or my so called land than you did. Property was the first crime, because long ago when someone said, this land is mine and I'll kill you if you steal it, they were just stealing something that was made by all of nature from everyone else. This happened long ago and since then humans have only been violent unnatural monsters and nothing else, nothing but criminals.

Love to be able to see how you play the controls of the guitar to get the colors you want. Volume, pickup selector, all the time. Awesome to see a master at work so up close.

That's not the attitude song, it's answers 😀. Still dig the view & performance, though

Definitely very very cool but that's not the Attitude Song.

Very nice ! steve's gotta be loving that after watching the play back!

I can't believe how much he changes pick-ups, and so fast between notes! Mesmerizing- is right!! 😮

Ryan Davidson and Rick Davidson faat forwars to like 4:25 for aome nice whammy bar action haha! sweet vid and cool angle

He looks like he's got a small head or really big hands. :) Great camera work.

So you met Ahmet and gonna play with an hologram, how excited you must be. Ahahaha, seriously ?

So intense it hurt, like a story of life, what a master

Andy, you're the guy that got me into this guys music!! What do you reckon to this then?

Awesome! That crack into Evo's neck cavity though 😢

hi Steve! is there a reason your volume potentiometer can move up/down?

oh noooo, there was a wiener in your shot...

Rachel Lynn go pro fun with steve...

Thats wild. Good work Jason

Fantastic! New ground Steve!!

Less talking next time.

Hold on. This is not The Attitude song ?

So Fun❗️😮🤘🎶

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