31 Jan

American Youth Symphony performance at Disney Hall LA.

Hey folks, Steve here.

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be performing at Disney Hall in Los Angeles with “American Youth Symphony” on March 11, 2017. I’ve been going to concerts at Disney Hall since it was constructed and feel tremendous appreciation to have been invited to perform my music there. The pieces that will be performed are…

1. There’s Still Something Dead In Here (without Steve)
2. Kill the Guy with the Ball (with Steve)
3. The Murder (with Steve)
4. Call it Sleep (with Steve)

These pieces were chosen by Carlos Izcaray who is the exceptional conductor of this event. It’s interesting to note that the first 3 pieces are perhaps some of my darkest and most brooding music.

“There’s Still Something Dead in Here” is a complex, dense and very atonal piece of contemporary music.
“Kill the Guy with the Ball” is violently fast and furious and the Orchestra version is just ripping.
“The Murder” is macabre and harmonically heavy.
“Call It Sleep” is from Flex-Able with an updated symphonic orchestration and will be a blessed relief after the first pieces.

Interesting that all the titles of these pieces could lead one to believe I have a preoccupation with Death! Truth is, I’m way too alive for that. Hope to see you at the show.

Ticket link: http://bit.ly/VaiLADisneyHall

10 Jun

Modern Primitive Pre-order on Amazon

The pre-order of the special edition of Steve Vai’s “Modern Primitive” as the latest instalment of The Secret Jewel Box collection (and as a standalone disc) is now live on Amazon here!

20 Apr

Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass in Mexico, 28th of May

Steve will be doing an Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass on the 28th of May, at the Foro Viena in Mexico City. 

ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS is an unprecedented masterclass opportunity offered by Steve Vai to all music students and guitar enthusiasts. This two to three hour unique experience gives the attendees a unique opportunity to hear Steve discuss music theory, guitar technique, the music business, and most importantly, methods to discover and unlock your personal musical identity. In this class Steve shares his [ … Read More ]

13 Apr

Steve Vai to headline Starmus IV Festival in Norway, June 18 – 23

Just announced: Steve Vai will be headlining at Starmus IV Festival with “The Modern Primitives” ~Devin Townsend, Nuno Bettencourt & Grace Potter~ in Trondheim, Norway, June 18-23! Starmus is a celebration of Astronomy, Science, Arts and Knowledge whose dedicated speakers include Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin, Brian Eno and [ … Read More ]

 For all upcoming shows, check our tourdates page

No shows booked at the moment.

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4 days ago

Steve Vai

Steve Vai talks (Creative Manifestations) at Starmus IV “Life and the Universe” in Trondheim, Norway.

The Starmus Festival is a 6 day event (June 18-23) that celebrates the arts, sciences and sets to improve the quality of life on the planet.

It was attended by 11 Noble Laureates, 3 Astronauts, world renown scientists and writers, and celebrated the Stephen Hawking medal ceremony.
Professor Hawking gave a keynote speech on The Future of Humanity.

... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome! When I need a pick-me-up, I can always listen to Steve Vai. I always gain a new perspective on life and the universe :D

Steve loses me as soon as he starts sounding like "The Secret", or "The Power of Now"...interesting concepts, had they not been hijacked for monetary gain. There is some obvious knowledge to be gained from this, but it needs to be a bit more refined, IMO.

That's completely scientifically false, there is no inward world and you don't manifest things from inside of you. Every word and every opinion you have about there even being manifestation and creativity came to you from the outside world all the language all the thinking, all the ideas of creativity and science all are the result of parroting the theories that you encountered physically in your conditioning and culture as you grew up. In some Red Indian languages to think or make something with thought even means "to go outside".

You can burn all your political books, constitutions, bibles and vedas and swami and mysical books, the only book that's going to give you enlightenment with regards to your so called inner world is Greys Anatomy. All the rest of em' are just selling you a whole bunch of nothing.

And like Steve Vai, please go veg for health, the planet and the future !

This is the 4th Starmus founded by astrophysicist Garik Israelian. An extremely unique event happened on our planet 🌍

Steve Vai is truly brilliant, and such a huge inspiration not only musically, but in life as well. Thank you Steve!

When am I going to get the glass guitar that I paid 75 dollars for at the state theater New Brunswick New Jersey back on November 14???? What a crook. Is that how you supplement your income ?? You Suck you Fuck. I'd like to break your ducking finger

Steve Vai; my legend guitarist with "G3" performances..

One lesson I walk away with is, Be able to admit when you're wrong

the king of the blues scale\m/

Nicely done. Great conversational flow-like your guitar work!

I love you Vai! I'm gonna watch you and see a virtuoso guitarist's perspective of the universe and science.

Good really does flow through you, Steve = )

Profound. That must have taken some concentration to deliver such a presentation. 👍

Paolo coelho with a whammy bar

you are brave:) and thank you

Wonderful Steve!

Interesting talk

When is your book coming out?

Very wise Steve, I enjoyed your thoughts.

Muito especial

Vai 👽

Very well said Steve.

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1 week ago

Steve Vai

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 📷 Chris Huber ... See MoreSee Less

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 📷 Chris Huber

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Increíble el recital de anoche. Tocó todo Passion and Warfare!!!

Genial, inolvidable. Pude compartir tremendo espectáculo con mi hija de 14 años que quedo fascinada. Steve Vai numero 1!!!!!!!!!!

Un placer haberte conocido Dios de la guitarra, esperamos que vuelvas pronto a buenos aires 💪✨👏

Totalmente hermoso lo de ayer!!! Se te vio muy emocionado y se te vio disfrutar mucho!!! Gracias eternas...STEVE VAI MY ONLY RELIGION

Dear Steve Vai, Please please please please please please please.....come to the midland/Odessa area of Texas! Just don't book the Wagner Noel performing arts center. The hacienda, Dos amigos, ector county coliseum or the midland horseshoe arena are all great venues and you have a lot of underserved fans out here....thank you :)

I was there with my wife & Kid. Amazing Show... we left speachless. I admire you so much Steve :) as a musician but also you seem as a very humble and down to earth person and that makes me admire you more.... You blew my mind in 2004 and yesterday too...

Vibrante, emotivo, poderoso. Virtuoso hasta el paroxismo... Crei que me infartaba de la emocion. Que copado ver a alguien que ama tanto y disfruta tanto la música. Cuanta pasion en dos manos y un cuerpo que habla sin decir una palabra con cada celula de su ser.

Madresanta!!!! Tremendo Show!!!! Steve Vai: Un Artista íntegro!!!!

Un show impresionante. No me lo voy a olvidar nunca. Pronta vuelta a Argentina, genio

Big show steve.como no emocionarse con for the love of god increible......genio

Gracias por el increíble show... hace mucho tiempo no disfruba de esta manera! Gracias Steve!

Grande Steve! Pedazo de show te mandaste. Gracias por tocar Whispering a prayer 😎

Si alguno tiene un video del cierre agradecería lo suba o pase..quiero ver si sale el salto descomunal que pego mi hermano para agarrar la baqueta de Jeremy

Gracias maestro!!! te esperamos el año que viene...🙏

Me emocionaste man.... inolvidable todo , GRACIAS !!!

whisperin a player muy bien tocado y directo al corazon y conteniendo el lagrimon!

Te amo con toda mi alma Steve!!!! GRACIAS POR TANTA LUZ Y MAGIA!!! Vuelvan pronto!!!! <3

`That Steve Vai, What a nice little boy!!!!´ Great Show Yesterday night!!!! Come back soon!!!!! <3

Gracias Steve,alucinante como haces sonar esa guitarra

Sin palabras!!! immmmprreeeccciiiiiiioooonnnanteeeeeeee.EEE Thanks God amazing performance!!! Life is good...

This place will be legendary. And can be made as a place to tour mandatory. Because Steve & the fans there are so harmonious. Extraordinary...

Completamente feliz, que buen show. Saludos a Steve vai.

Vai, thanks for a demonstration of what a truly artist is made of. Passion and Warfare!


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