27 Mar

AGS Tour recap

Hey Folks, 

Pia and I just returned from a fabulous “Alien Guitar Secrets” master class tour in Europe. 

I got to visit some places I have never been and met some wonderful folks along the way. 

I so much enjoy doing these little tours and would like to thank all the fine people that attended the classes. 

A special shout out to my good buddy Riccardo Cappelli who organized the trip and had us laughing virtually the whole time. 

We were in :

Oslo Norway, Helsinki Finland, Zoetermeer Netherlands, Guilford UK, Madrid Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, Athens Greece,  Isola Del Liri Italy and Tel Aviv Israel



One other bit of cool news. Some time ago, The Hard Rock Cafe acquired my 1946 Harley Davidson Knuckle Head motorcycle and it’s on display in their Daytona location. I loved that motorcycle and put a lot of miles on it back in the 90’s and now it’s so nice to see it in a place where more people could enjoy it than when it was sitting in my garage!





27 Mar

AGS Tour recap

Hey Folks, 

Pia and I just returned from a fabulous “Alien Guitar Secrets” master class tour in Europe. 

I got to visit some places I have never been and met some wonderful folks along the way. 

I so much enjoy doing these little tours and would like to thank all the fine people that attended the classes. 

A special shout out to my good [ … Read More ]

15 Mar

NTR Radio & podcast interview with Steve

This Sunday, March 18th ,  Mr. Vai & Co de Kloet will discuss the creation of Pink & Blows Over in Co Live! 

Co will also air the Complete Version so it turns into yet another SV Special at NTR!

It will air at  20.00 hrs Local Dutch Time (12:00 PDT,  15:00 EDT) on NTR Radio and is released right after the broadcast as a podcast. 

Download this, and all the other Co [ … Read More ]

18 Dec

Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclasses 2018

A short series of masterclasses have been scheduled for Europe in March 2018:


March 10th – Larvik (Norway) – Larvik Gitar Festival (sold out) – http://www.larvikgitarfestival.com/

March 12th – Espoo (Finland) – Sellosali – 7.00 pm – tickets

March 13th – Zoetermeer (Netherlands) – De Boerderij – 8.00 pm  – tickets  Yasi Hofer will open for this class.

March 14th – Guildford (UK) – The Mandolay Hotel – 8.00 pm – [ … Read More ]

 For all upcoming shows, check our tourdates page

No shows booked at the moment.

Steve Vai on Facebook

7 days ago

Steve Vai

All Vai T-shirts are just $13 for Friday the 13th! bit.ly/2qtNo8m ... See MoreSee Less

All Vai T-shirts are just $13 for Friday the 13th! https://bit.ly/2qtNo8m


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Just bought one! Freaky Friday 13th! <3

This add was good for Friday only and I just got it today on Sunday.....

Stupid facebook showed this on my feed 1 day later...

Oh thanks facebook. Thanks for notifying me like youtube does...rarely.

Of course this didn’t come up in my feed until 1am the 14th😂

I'd pick up the Passion and Warfare one,but it's so close to the Anniversary one (shown left)...what I would give for a Jack Butler themed T from Steve!


Only just seen this advertisement a day later...

Oh snap better get on that son

I'll buy one when they are $7.77

niicee!!i miss that show!!


Carly Carthel which one do you like best? I wanna get one!


John Kurtz😉

Chris Hartselle

Candis King

Stephen Otero

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2 weeks ago

Steve Vai

Check out AXS TV tonight at 9 PM EST to watch Steve Vai play with Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker), Dave Grohl, Bob Weir, Pat Benetar, Mick Fleetwood, Sarah McLachlan for a very special #AcousticForaCure Concert!

Stories you've never heard and collaborations you've never scene. It's all on #RRRT's SEASON 3 PREMIERE SUNDAY!

Set your DVR here: vupulse.com/c/3080
... See MoreSee Less


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AXS TV needs to put out these special shows on DVD or NETFLIX or something so people who don't have or can't afford your channel can enjoy also no? What do you think? This is social media.

omg - I want to have the same glasses 😎

Sammy is great.

I stopped being a Hagar fan after I read his book.

*☮❥•.¸ ♪♫☆彡


This is really cool

Yes Rick, most of us are out of luck. Damn.

Very good. :)

True pleasure!

it's Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo not Pat Benetar.

Paul Selke

Jim Mish

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3 weeks ago

Steve Vai

Steve sat down with Andertons Music Co. to discuss his Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class tour of Europe and much, much more! Enjoy this comprehensive, full-hour interview!In this edition of 'Captain Meets', Lee chats with living guitar legend Steve Vai! View our Ibanez Jem range here! - goo.gl/yzFq7c Interested in othe... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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with what Rodney in North Korea and the kapitalist life style of the people allowing 40 000 penguins to have only two eggs. whats next send Clint Eastwood and his boys in again?

I thought I knew Steve Vai pretty well, being a follower since the early days.. And I thought I couldn't learn anything more about how nice he was and what a spiritual and inspirational person he is.. Oh how wrong was I! Great interview with a fantastic musician and human being 😊🎶🎵❤️🎸

Hey Steve, your video on You Tube about bending notes is so vital in my guitar performance. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time but always thought my vibrato was so cheap. I have been practicing bending notes the way you taught and I’m not there yet but I’m better. Eric Clapton even stated that vibrato was hard and takes quite a while to master. You showed me the right way. Wish you had been my teacher. You are still an insane guitarist. Got into you way back on Flexible. Thanks for the you tube lesson.

you're such a nice guy steve, God Bless you.

Great answers! I also enjoy a discussion type interview, BUT without the massive hesitation and "Eh.." 🤔 from the person conducting the interview. Write down your questions ffs!

Great interview! Very nice to hear about the philosophy as much as the guitar stuff.

Watched this by accident in the weekend, Great interview ... and I dont even guitar

Fantastic interview! Thanks guys. I never get tired of hearing the most skillful musicians praise the importance of melody. Dissonance + harmony + suspension + resolution = music 👍👏😃🎸

What a wonderful interview! To me, this is not just a conversation about your musical career, but also about life itself. Your reflections on existential themes are so inspiring! For me; working with mental health promotion among young people, your considerations are counting as a recipe for a meaningful life. Thank you for sharing this with us Steve 🤗

Absolutely amazing interview and a great Masterclass. Steve you are such a nice, down to earth and humble person. Look forward to you touring over here again soon :-)

What a great interview! Thanks for sharing Steve! Very honest and inspirational to me!

Fantastic Interview. Loved the life philosophy as much as the guitar info.

Yeah but what plectrums do you use 😉

Saw it this weekend. Great review. Love those dudes. Would have liked to see you play a bit though but I know Lee was on a schedule

I got twin legacy’s available for Steve to use next time your in UK 🇬🇧

What this Yesterday a deep conversation about Vai enjoyed it .

Always its good to see the master Steve!!!😀

For he's a jolly good fellow! lol great interview.

best video of 2018 so far... thank you Steve and Lee !

Steve Vai is Brilliant ⚡️🎸⚡️

Jesus...I gotta watch that!!

Watching it now 🙏🎸👍🍀

I love you Steve ❤️

Brilliant interview!

Thanks Webmasterbater.

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